From The Kitchens Of Maharaja We Bring To You Chef Komals Kitchen

A more accessible outlet of one of Mangalores fine dining stalwarts, Chef Komals Kitchen from Kitchens of Maharaja, offers sophisticated & simple dishes alike, at more equitable prices than their parent establishment.
Here's what we ordered on our visit.....

Lobster Butter Garlic

Practically the King of seafood across the world, either in visual appeal or just plain shock value, lobster meat is opulent dining at its best. When prepared well, it's a luxury to partake of. Here, the white crustacean was exposed by cracking it open long, & lightly cooking the meat in butter garlic sauce (it also comes in hot garlic), more buttery than garlicky. That the meat was firm to soft, & didn't have a tangible odour of ammonia, was commendable.

Food: 8/10

Price: ~₹1200-₹1300 (APC)

Lobster tip: If your meat is too mushy or smells strongly of ammonia, it's probably in the process of getting spoilt, or already is. Ask the management about it promptly, to avoid acute GE.

Crab Meat Sukka

While this was had a good amount of mildly cloying tender white meat, it was chock full of freshly grated coconut, which with the other mild spices, perhaps drowned the subtle crab in flavour. That aside, it was authentic to the coastal style of a Sukka, though we'd have liked the spices a little zingier.

Food: 5.5/10

Price: ₹360(boneless, APC)

Chicken Simla

As chicken starters go, this is decent finger food. Tossed in chopped Simla mirch(capsicum) & a mild masala, these pieces of well cooked chicken are mostly boneless, chunky & not sans flavour. Albeit generic in the Indian dry chicken style, this is as we said, decent.

Food: 7.25/10

Price: ₹225

Paneer Pepper Fry

A little acerbic, a little pungent, & very full of Paneer so delightfully soft it's almost mushy, what this is not, is spicy.
Food: 5/10.
Price: ₹100.

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