Dive Into Indulgence At Albatros Pâtisserie

From the time it opened its glass doors 1.5 years ago, the sparkling outlet of bakers Albatros in Mangalore has stocked pastries new & old, but it's their consummate spin on old-school bakes that first took the figurative pie. A staple especially among students of Father Mullers at Kankanady nearby, they rotate the item availability quite a bit, so while a few go off radar, it paves the way for better conceptions to appear behind the glass counter.

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Royal Black Forest

This is a throwback to the most elegant Black Forest we’ve ever beheld. The inside is a standard chocolate sponge cake covered by some whipped & chocolate cream, a tad more than usual, but which renders it silkier. The berry preserve in the center, & the cherry at the top of the shell are the only fruit additions, but that’s enough. The ribbed milk chocolate shell was fairly easy to shatter on our 1st order, while it took some huffing the 2nd time around. In the end, the extra chocolate from the shell makes a decadent difference to those who love that extra bit of cocoa. Black Forest gâteau was never more exciting.

Food: 8.5/10

Price: ₹90

Chocolate Salted caramel cake


A dense, fudgy chocolate cake that’s thicker than your local bog, & only more delectable with that salty caramel sauce. The intensity can make one go overboard, so this is best shared to prevent any balking from the choco rush.

Food: 7.7/10

Price: ₹180

Carrot Walnut cake


A healthy dose of mellow walnut, a thinner presence of carrot, & a bit more orange than we’d bargained for. While it wasn’t dense or moist as rich carrot cakes we’ve had elsewhere (M&S on our mind) have been, it evokes a similar flavour profile, & the cream cheese holds it up, to a degree.

Food: 6.4/10

Price: ₹70

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