Burger Party At DRNK Lab Mangalore

The bustling franchise has found its way to Surathkal! With funkily painted walls, vibrant lighting & their signature menu, Drnk Lab offers a plethora of dishes, & it's no less at their newest branch. Well, here goes... COVID updates: These items are all available as per the lockdown delivery menu, in Mangaluru.

El Diablo

A thick juicy chicken patty grilled enough so as to emit a delightful herby aroma, sits pretty between oozing layers of 2 types of cheese & mayo, with other veggies. The buns aren't crisp, but that's not an issue, really. Go for it.

Food: 8.5/10

Price: ₹150

Chicken Crispy Burger

This has a crispy but thinner patty than the diablo, & otherwise is a typical burger, with all the joy such a burger can offer.

Food: 6.75/10

Price: ₹150

Chicken Tikka Burger

Supposed to have been either fried in a tikka marinade or to have had a tikka mayo sauce, this was a little deficient in either, though there was a mild hint of the namesake flavour.

Food: 6/10

Price: ₹150

Cheese Volcano Burger

A chicken burger with an explosion of orange hued cheese bathing it, this is best when piping hot, & unfortunately amidst all our photography, we had ours quite cold. Hence, we couldn't make our minds up about it as per the intended aromas & heat.

Food: 6.5/10

Price: ₹250( also available in veg for ₹220)

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