Brunching At Brio Cafe & Grill

One of Mangalore’s first dedicated continental cafes, the airy & sunny retro garage-walled Brio Cafe & Grill has tended more towards the younger strata of Kudlas crowd, be it for class parties, dates or any such rendezvous, since 2015. Read on...

Update: Delivery via Zomato & Swiggy.
11:30 am to 10:30 pm.
Also have a Chinese service @chinesekitchenexpressmlr .

Mixed Seafood Platter

An assorted platter of the oceans bed-fellows. With peri peri crab, crumbed fish fillet, fingers & grilled prawn (squid was unavailable that day) served alongside a sharp Tartar sauce, this looks like it can placate any peckish pescatarian. The stretchy, crisp fingers disappear first. The lightly seared & herbed Basa, next. The plump & juicy grilled prawns go lazily, as the flavour is prime from the freshness. The mildly hot peri peri crab with the moist, sweet insides as expected, takes the longest to pry open, but it’s a welcome wait. To state one issue with ordering this in, it’s whether the crispness can be maintained to enjoy by the time of consumption. Also, it lacks a surprise factor/edge, though each meat is fresh & dependable on its own. Beyond acceptable to any fish-lover, but heat enthusiasts would be well informed to skip. P.S. What to say of the Vinaigrette dressed fresh salad? It's peppy & crunchy.

Food: 7.8/10

Price: ₹400(seasonal fluctuation expected)

Strawberry Lemonade

Bubbly, light & with a balanced presence of mint & lemon, strawberry crush & a light floating addition of pulp to boot. You get what you asked for, provided it’s not too sweet on the day.

Food: 7/10

Price: ₹125

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