Eating at "Disfrutar" restaurant - World's 9th Best Restaurant - Part 2 (The appetizers) 👍👍👍👍

Read all the details I wrote about this restaurant in the first entry of this series to know more about this top restaurant.

Once seated at my table, the different room staff who will attend me begin to introduce themselves: from the head sommelier to the head waiter, passing through another sommelier and a very attentive waiter

They started by making sure I didn't have any allergies and then they offered me something to drink as an aperitif. And here the adventure begins:

  • Non-alcoholic cocktail of ginger, lime, quinine, coconut foam and a touch of cherry (€9): I just told them that I wanted a non-alcoholic cocktail with some fruit, not sweet and with a touch of bitterness and acid.

  • Frozen passion fruit tongue with rum: It melted immediately on contact with your mouth.

  • Rose petals with gin pearls and frozen lychee: The petals should not be eaten.

  • "The beet that comes out of the ground": They bring you that bowl without the beet visible and when they start to move the bowl around on the table, the beet appears and stays on top.

  • Beet detail: The texture, as you can see, was very dehydrated starch type and at the same time melted in the mouth.

  • Homemade black truffle vodka and smoked cider (the cider was smoked at that moment, for 15 minuts) to pair the next dishes.

  • Chinese bread stuffed with beluga caviar.

  • Beluga caviar detail, with some creamy sauce.

  • Cream sherry to pair next dish.

  • Salty nut candy and mango marinated in whiskey and tonka bean.

Overall evaluation of the restaurant: 10 points out of 10.

Photographs taken with my Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G camera.

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