Can't Go Wrong With Pasta 🍝 Right?


It is not often my wife and I go out on a date. Having kids and a busy work life can put a damper on romance. we had to plan weeks in advance for a Friday lunch together. The kids were in school and we both had the afternoon free. We went an Italian restaurant called Boschetto.

I amγ€€kind of surprised this place got 3.35 out of 5 stars on a site called TabeLog but I guess that is actually above average.

Boschetto, means shrubbery [noun] a part of a garden where shrubs are grown.

Dining here you can actually taste why they chose that name. The restaurant is popular for its salad bar which has turned into endless servings of salads due to the pandemic ( the staff will bring it to you on demand now). You can also chose from various in house salads which makes it even more appealing to eat a few bowls.

Sorry, I we did not take any pics of the salad, we were lucky we even remembered to take pics of the main dishes. Having kids has made us eat really fast when going out even when they are not around. When the twins were babies and we went out to a restaurant, we had to rush to eat our food in order to feed them as well and also to avoid staying in restaurants too long to avoid the fuss that usually followed. so I guess in a sense it trained us to eat like wild dogs, a busy life doesn't help either. Now that we are more aware of this habit that has formed, we consciously try to eat at a slower pace, but not today.


My wife had the tomato based seafood pasta while I had the cream based. It is amazing how she hates tomatoes but loves tomato based pastas. I am the opposite, I don't fancy tomato based dishes but love fresh tomatoes. Which are you? Do you like both?πŸ…

My dish was had shrimps and squid while my wife's had, a scallops, crab, squid and oysters. That is a lot of seafood for one plate right? I know they have \fancy names for these dishes but hey, seafood pasta works for me. Tell me the names of these dishes in the comments below if you know.πŸ‘

Another interesting thing about this place is that men can actually "upgrade" their dish to a large portion for free. I imagine 90% of the men that dine here do get the BIG plate. Did I get it? Of course!!! But man did I regret it. My stomach is not as young as it used to be and the normal portions were big enough already. I left the restaurant feeling bloated like a snake that just ate an elephant.πŸ˜†

*All in all it was a good lunch date at a fantastic restaurant. Now the question is, where do we go next? So many restaurants so many choices, so little time. We usually like to stick to the tried and true but these days we are feeling a little more adventures...nah, just bored of the same ole hehehe. look out for the next foodie adventures. And may the food force be with you aka no gas, no heartburn and no.........

Respect for stopping by πŸ˜‰


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