Eid Snacks tradition

Eid Snacks Tradition

Indonesian Eid Tradition

Happy Eid for everyone who celebrates. I don't know about Eid traditions in other countries, but I want to share a little about Eid traditions in Indonesia. Every Eid al-Fitr, usually those of us who live in big cities will flock to our hometowns, we call it Mudik. But because of the corona pandemic, in the last two years the government has prohibited residents from returning to their hometowns.

Another Eid tradition is preparing snacks and biscuits. Each house will prepare various kinds of Eid snacks. One of the cookies that is often used as a snack for Eid is Nastar. Nastar is a type of cookie made from dough of flour, butter and eggs filled with pineapple jam. The origin of the word is from the Dutch ananas and taart. The shape of this cake is round with a diameter of about 2 cm. This cake is very popular with all people.


Apart from nastar, there are also snow princess cookies. Snow princess cookies are a type of cookie shaped like a crescent moon and topped with powdered sugar like snow. Snow princess cookies are made from a dough of flour, cornstarch, butter and egg yolk which is baked in the oven until cooked and covered with powdered sugar.


There are also chocolate wafers.

And also various kinds of other pastries. One of them is a cookie called alen-alen.


Those were some of the Eid snacks. There are still many kinds of pastries that I can't explain one by one.

How about the Eid tradition in your country?
Is it the same as in Indonesia?
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