What we had for the Brunch at Home?


Hello, friends especially foodies!

Today I would like to share one of our foodie experience at home. Last Sunday, we had an early lunch, a.k.a brunch, at home, we ordered our food online. The restaurant itself already famous since my mom was young, and good thing is now you could just order it from home, when mom was young, she needed to dine in in the restaurant to enjoy the food.


Here was the menu of this restaurant


They had typo in the restaurant’s name, I don’t know why they didn’t correct it. The restaurant sold Indonesian menus, especially comes from Surabaya, the central city of East Java. But what mom loved most and usually bought in this restaurant was their pork sausage in soy sauce soup, which we didn’t order this time. Besides main dishes they also sold some snacks like unfried springrolls, lemper, et cetera.


After ordered around 20 minutes later our food came, here how they looked


Both of us ordered Nasi Rames (Indonesian Mixed Rice) which had the chicken curry, Beef cooked in Balinese sauce, Egg curry and also stirred labu siam (chayote or Siamese gourd) as the toppings on the top of the rice. Of course they also gave sambal (Indonesian spicy red chilli paste) as the companion here. All of the food was clean, and put in the plastic box.


Now I would like to share how does it taste, all the dishes they put in the mixed rice, one by one


First was their BALINESE BEEF

Cooked in Balinese sauce, it had the sweet flavour and a bit savory, well cooked in coconut milk, made it soft and really tasty. The best we could have here, cause this kind of beef was rare, you cannot just meet it in any ordinary restaurants.

Second, their CHICKEN CURRY

It only had light savory flavour, and it was so small. It was just so-so.



It had the sweet and savory flavour. I loved how they made it soft and tasty, hmmh, yummy.

Fourth, the EGG CURRY

It only had the light savory flavour but thank God the egg was fresh cause nothing special with their CURRY.

The one that helped a lot was their CHILLI PASTE, it might contained shrimp paste in it, had the sweet spicy flavour which made everything tastier, for me, cause mom didn’t try any sambal to complete her brunch.


They had a quite expensive price for the small portion they sold, cause the original price for each portion of mixed rice was 42,500 IDR but luckily we had a promotion to get some price off, so it was only 72,000 IDR or around 5 USD include the delivery fee.


My conclusion is this was not our best experience in tasting Indonesian mixed rice, but I love how they cooked the Balinese beef so maybe I would come to order more of the beef..

Do you also want to try it?

Happy Midweek and thank you for reading my article.

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