Fresh Cingur (Cow's Mouth) Salad in A Cozy Foodcourt


Hello, friend especially foodies!

Last Sunday I accompanied mom to go to the new mall, still you remember that it was actually an extension of another larger mall. In the larger mall, we looked for their Food Court in the afternoon for tea time. Last time we went there it was still the ordinary food court with delicious food. But how surprised we were, cause when we arrived to the 4th floor where the Food Court was located, we found a brand new cozy food court.

The Look


You could see that the picture I took showed the Food Court, so large with some pretty spots to take pictures. I took some photos of mom there.

The Payment


You needed to top up the eating card here, with the deposit amount of 10k IDR (not even a USD). After top up you could use it to buy food and beverage in this food court, but don’t forget to refund it to get the deposit back and also refund if your food’s price below your top up amount. We top up 100k IDR then looked around. In this food court also had some top up machines so don’t worry you would have less money than it is needed to buy food or even drink.

The Dining Area and surroundings


This place had really large area with many food stalls we could choose. The dining area had many chairs and tables. Cozy to dine in here cause it was clean, neat and not crowded. They also had many choices of food to have. Really nice place for a food court. You also had some choices of chairs to sit.

The Food stall


Here we finally decided to buy food for snack time. After considering some times (hey they had many choices that you couldn’t just resist).

The Menu


This food stall had authentic Indonesian menus from East Java, where I was raised up.

The Price


We ordered the authentic unique salad from East Java, it costed us 50,000 IDR or around 3.5 USD.

The Food

After the alarm beeped, mom took the food. Here it was



This was authentic salad from East Java, Rujak Cingur. I would like to share a bit about this, Cingur means cow’s mouth cause it made from it. While rujak or rojak, maybe you know, it is a kind of salad which contained vegetables or fruit or even both. In rujak cingur you would had yes, found the tasty cow’s mouth, boiled vegetables (if you asked or they would give you the raw ones), cut rice cake, and fresh fruits in authentic shrimp paste sauce. It was a complete nutrition in a dish, so it is also healthy.

The Taste


The cingur it had was tasty and also soft, I really adored this cingur.

The boiled vegetables were fresh.

The fruits they served were sweet sour mango, sweet pineapple, jicama, all were fresh and tasty.

It also had the special shrimp paste, the paste itself usually had nuts that already smoothed but this they made it a bit rocky but it was fine.

Not the best that we ever had, but it was fresh and tasty!

After finished eating, mom refunded our money in the counter where we topped it up.


We really enjoy our tea time or snack time here, tasting tasty Indonesian Authentic Salad, Rujak Cingur. Do you also dare to try this dish?

Lima-lima Food court (means five five in English)
4th Floor
Taman Anggrek Mall
Tanjung Duren street
West Jakarta
Open daily 10am-9pm

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