Trying 26K IDR (1.9 USD) Ramen, How does it taste?

Hello, friends especially foodies!

Like you might already known (if you read my article recently) that Last Saturday we went to watch the movie, the last of Daniel Craig of James Bond. And after the movie we were starving cause we skipped our lunch time, it was around 3 pm then we searched the restaurant in that same lifestyle center... mom had planned to go to one of her favorite Indonesian restaurant there but it was closed permanently.. a bit dissapointed we then tried to look for another restaurant to have a late lunch..

The Outlook

Then we found one the most customers liked, a japanese noodle (ramen) restaurant, so we then decided to try their ramen here..


As you could see, they showed off the banner showing their 26K and also 23K menu at their front.

The Menu

Here they only sold Japanese menu, from ramen, to sushi rolls and also bento. All you could find here, but unfortunately they don’t have the beef ramen here. You don’t need to do any thing to get the 23K and 26K menus (no terms and conditions applied).



The Dining Area


It was quite large, clean and neat with many customers even not in dine time. So we thought that this restaurant was a popular one!

The Food & The Look

We ordered then ours came around 15 minutes later, here what we ordered


Mom’s was their shoyu chicken teriyaki ramen, while me I tried their original (miso soup) chicken teriyaki ramen. They looked great on their bowls, nice! Don’t you think so?

The Taste & The Flavour


Mine was their original chicken teriyaki ramen.
It had tasty miso soup, great texture of ramen in it.. the chicken slices were soft and what I missed of teriyaki, I could taste that they roasted it, and it had perfect sweet and a bit savory flavour. But the portion of it was too small (Hmmh, we then had our dinner ontime at around 6 pm cause we soon got hungry again… ). The flavour of the soup and noodle were light savory so both mom and I added the extra shoyu on our bowls. Plus I also add the chilli powder on mine so it became a bit spicy.


Mom’s was their shoyu chicken teriyaki ramen.
It had light savory flavour with shoyu flavour. My soup was thicker. But both were tasty. And we added extra shoyu in our bowls in order to get more savory flavour.

Unique thing in our ramen that it contained raddish which was so tasty, especially when it cooked in soup like these ramen :9.

By the way, I also ordered the hot ocha to accompanied our food, which was tasty and fresh.

The Price

The ramen was just 26K per portion but we needed to pay for extra, their service charge and also tax. So for both portions plus a hot ocha we paid 70,558 IDR or just around 5 USD. Quite affordable, don’t you think?


So wanna try our 26K ramen too here?

Ramen 1
#18th, 2nd floor
FX Sudirman Lifestyle Center
Sudirman street
South Jakarta
Open daily 11AM-8PM (on weekends until 9PM)

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