My Recipe For Today and Tips For Making Delicious Pomelo Sweet Soup

Hi friends of #Hive. Today I will share with you a special Vietnamese soup, which is pomelo sweet soup. This is my first time making this dish, and it's really delicious beyond my imagination.

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Pomelo is a popular fruit in Vietnam. Some famous pomelo varieties in Vietnam can be mentioned as Nam Roi, Da Xanh... Today I visited the market and suddenly remembered this is the time when pomelo is the best in the year, so I immediately chose a big one.


When it comes to pomelo, all parts of it can be used: the pomelo peel is used for steaming or drying and then burned to repel mosquitoes, the grapefruit pulp is used to eat, and the white pomelo peel can be used to make sweet soup. Here's how to make delicious pomelo sweet soup that never gets bitter.

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I like pomelo sweet soup because of the crunchiness of pomelo peel along with the greasy taste of green beans and the fatty aroma of coconut milk. It will take a bit of work to process the pomelo peel so it doesn't become bitter, but in return you will have a delicious pomelo sweet soup for the whole family. It's well worth the effort, isn't it?

Here are the details on how to make pomelo sweet soup.


  • 1 green-skin pomelo, choose fresh and firm one. Green-skin pomelo will have a crispy peel with a very nice light pink color. The thicker the peel, the better the pomelo sweet soup.
  • 0.5kg of yellow sugar or jaggery. If you don't have it, you can replace it with white sugar, but yellow sugar will give the sweet soup the characteristic yellow color and make it more delicious.
  • 200g of green beans
  • 200g tapioca flour


How to make it?

Wash the pomelo, then peel off the green outer skin. The outer skin contains the pomelo essential oil that will make the sweet soup bitter. So remove it carefully.

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Peel off the white peel from the pomelo, then remove the inner membrane to make the pomelo peel less tough, cut the peel into about 1.5cm cubes (depending on its thickness).

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The after-cut pomelo peel is soaked in boiling water for about 10 minutes with a little salt to reduce its bitterness. Then take it out and rinse them with cold water, then squeeze out the water, add granulated salt to the pomelo peel and squeeze them thoroughly, then it is rinsed with cold water for 10 minutes and squeezed dry to remove its bitterness completely.

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The pomelo peel cubes are then soaked with a mixture of 1l water-100g sugar-80g tapioca, which can be adjusted depending on the amount of pomelo peel so that all pomelo peels are completely soaked in the mixture for 30 minutes. They are then taken out and squeezed dry. At this point, they become crunchy and taste sweet.

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Then cover all cubes of pomelo peel with tapioca starch. Boil 2l of water with 400g of sugar and a bunch of 1 handful of pandan leaves. Then add the pomelo peel and cook for about 10 minutes until the pomelo peel becomes clear. Then take them out and put them in a bowl of ice water to make them crunchier. Soak them like this for 30 minutes and then take them out to drain.

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While waiting for the pomelo peel to drain, steam the green beans for about 10 minutes so they don't get crushed. Note that green beans must be soaked with warm water for 2 hours before.


Then, use the pot of water just cooked the pomelo peel to cook sweet soup. You can add sugar according to your taste.
Dissolve 1 bowl of water + tapioca starch and pour it slowly into the pot of boiling water and stir at the same time until it becomes the desired consistency. Then add the pomelo peel and green beans, stir gently in one direction until the pomelo peel and green beans are mixed, then turn off the heat.





Finally, boil coconut milk with sugar and water mixed with a little tapioca starch. Then let it cool to eat with the pomelo sweet soup.


Tada, it's done. It took me 4 hours to prepare, cook and take pictures. As a result, I cooked 2 pots of pomelo sweet soup, enough for about 10 people. 😃




Wish you success with this special pomelo sweet soup.

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