Weird Christmas'ish wrap?? oO

Hey Foodies!

I have no idea what I made today. Let me say that I had a plan in the beginning of the day when I buy some of this stuff. But things happened and things was on sale, so it turned into this? xD

Well, despite the look. It tasted amazing xD


Here’s what I use:

400g of Red Cabbage
379g of Potatoes
87g of Seitan Würstchen (Vegen Sausage)
124g of Wraps (2 wraps)


Instructions & Cooking Times:

I had never cooked Red Cabbage before, but its quite common in Denmark where its normally pickled and tastes good.
But I decided to make it from the ground today! Because I bought a Red cabbage for some reason xD

So I added vegan butter to a pan and add the cabbage, then I added some salt and water and later some white wine vinegar I had. It also said Sugar, but nobody needs that extra calories.

Cooked the Potatoes normally. Warmed the wraps and also cooked the Sausages in a pan.



All the designs are from @foodiesunite

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