Changing from a Vegan diet to Doctor McDougall's diet tomorrow + 2 vegan dishes from today and yesterday

Hey Foodies! I don't remember what I ate yesterday. But thats the first picture xD

The second picture is what I ate today, which is a wrap with lentils and veggies + tofu, very tasty.

This post isn't really going to be about the food, but the fact I will be going on a low protein vegan diet from tomorrow! I am already vegan, so that is not the problem. But I want to try out Doctor McDougall's low protein diet which is high in statch :D

I am currently listning to his Mastermind class here which is part 1 of 2 about protein :D

The only "diet" I normally do, is eating plant-based/vegan, thats all.
I normally don't care if I get enough protein or carbs or what ever, I only measure calories.

So I will be measuring calories + protein now, which should be interesting :D




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