Aloe Vera and Fenugreek Healthy Vegetable Recipe

This is not a common vegetable recipe but we have tried after getting the recipe from my mother. It is quite healthy as both Aloe Vera and Fenugreek is healthy for the body. Actually this vegetable is eaten by people having high blood pressure. We have also added some jaggery but of you are a sugar patient they you can ignore that, because this is actually good vegetable for sugar patients too.

So starting with, we have a medium sized Aloe Vera leave peeled off and added some wheat flour to it. It was done to remove excess gel from the Aloe Vera pulp.


We have also boiled Fenugreek seeds and some cashew.


After like a hour we will wash the Aloe Vera again to remove the flour and its ready to be cooked.


In a frying pan, added 3 tablespoon of oil and when the oil gets heated up we have added, mustard seeds and cumin seeds.


After that added some green chillis and added the Aloe Vera pulp to the pan and mixed it well.


We cooked it for 5 minutes in a medium flame and then added cumin powder, red chili powder and salt.


After that added the Fenugreek seeds along with the Cashew and mixed it with the Aloe Vera pulp..


As I said earlier we will be added some jaggery like 100gms, if you are a sugar patient you can skip this step or might add sugar free.


Now let it be cooked for 10 minutes, occasionally we have to stir it.


When all the water will be evaporated then our vegetables is ready. As you can see there is no water left at all.


Now the healthy vegetable is done, and it's ready to be served and eaten.


One thing to note that you can keep this vegetable for 2 days without have to keep it inside a refrigerator.

And now you can enjoy the healthy as well as tasty recipe, this is the first time I have cooked it and it turned out yo be quite a good one.

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