Hello everybody,

How are you getting on? Today I would like to introduce you a nice vegetarian meal that I found in a Japanese restaurant in shopping mall.

3 weeks ago, before entering Phase 2 HA (Heightened Alert), we allowed to dine in up to 5 pax in Singapore. We decided went out for shopping and dined in with my working partner. She recommended me to try a new promotion vegetarian set meal in a Japanese Restaurant as it is quite popular.


Once I reached the main entrance of the restaurant, I realised it is non-vegetarian restaurant and I saw there was a promotion set meal for vegetarians, which’s called Next Meatless Yakiniku. We queued at entrance to collect a queue number and waited to be seated as fully seated in the restaurant. So we walked around in the shopping mall about 15-20 minutes and waiting the call from restaurant to be seated.


The glass panel at entrance of restaurant that allowed the customers to see the chef works and process of cooking and preparing the food .


Both vegetarian promotion set meals are made from plant meats with different ingredients and Japanese rice. 1st set meal is called Premium Karubi Don with Miso Soup Set, and 2nd set meal was called Stamina Karubi Teishoku.


After 15 minutes, we received call to enter the restaurant and seated in the corner of restaurant. The partitions are divided each seating in the restaurant which’s providing the privacy for our eating place.


The interior design concept with Japanese concept with black and wooden colour timber structure that creating the ambience cosy and superior.


Let’s see what we had ordered:
1st dish was Stamina Karubi Teishoku. The price is S$15.80. The stirred fried plant meat with cabbage, shimeiji mushrooms topped with fresh Okinawa egg yolk. It served with Japanese rice, salad, pickles, and miso soup.


The stirred fried plant meat is taste like real meat. It is highly recommended to friends who doesn’t like to take vegetarian food. The taste was matching well with salad and pickles.


2nd dish was Premium Karubi Don with Miso Soup set. The price is S$13.80. The grilled plant meats with special sauce served with Japanese rice and miso soup were really yummy. Another highly recommended dish for non-vegetarian friends.
The grilled plant meats was very yummy which’s crispy outer and soft tender inner. It was good to eat with Japanese rice and grilled mushrooms with special sauce. I prefer this set than the previous set meal, Stamina Karubi Teishoku. As it is definitely tasty and delicious!

Thanks for reading.
Wishing you have a nice and peace weekend with your family and love one!
Stay safe and healthy.

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