Hello everyone, I am here with you today with a breakfast recipe. A recipe that is very simple to make and consists of very little ingredients.


If you say that I don't have enough money with me now and I can't buy anything, or if you don't want to have a meal, it's a meal that I usually cook.


Now I call it food, I substitute it for food. Especially because my wife loves to eat potatoes, I do this and spend it. Or there are times when I don't want to deal with too much food.


Normally I would do it without pepper, but when you do it with pepper, I realized that it adds more flavor and now I started to make it with pepper. There is little material, but let me give you a material; 4 -5 potatoes 3 peppers 2 eggs If you want, you can chop it with parsley or grate it and sprinkle it.


When I do that, I will share again in the future. You can chop the potatoes in cubes or small ones and cut them as I chop them. It is up to you. I poured it into the oil I angered. I bought this pot for frying.


It is very useful, but I think you need to clean it regularly. It is so difficult to clean these accumulated oils. the potatoes have started to fry, we take them to the normal pan.


Then I start to fry the peppers. We take it to the pan after roasting in peppers. we break 2 eggs last. I would normally mix it up and put it on a plate like that.


But I just poured the egg and covered it and left it to cook. and ready. it looks very nice. There are those who do, it is a recipe known to everyone. Bon appetit to those who do.


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