Ukrainian "Sirniki" and American Burger at Food City.


Ever heard of body dysmorphia in burgers? I bet this burger has it, except the inside is what matters the most. I wouldn't call it the prettiest burger, but hey, this stuff was tight! The only thing I would ever change would be the bun itself. Then again, my entire understanding of a burger has been thrown out the window since I watched the flying saucer UFO burgers.

Food City is an interesting take at shopping mall food courts. There aren't different restaurants as seen in most food courts. Instead, all the restaurants are the same one under the Food City brand name and offer different cuisines.

Right from where I am sitting you can see the Sushi bar, behind that is the seafood restaurant. To the left-hand side is the bar, which came off as a surprise coz having a bar in a food court is something I haven't heard of. Right at the back are the American, Mexican, and Italian restaurants.


It was pretty empty. Then again, it is a Monday afternoon. I wouldn't expect most people to be hanging out on Monday afternoon. Albeit being a food court, Food City is designed to feel like a walk-in restaurant. A few months back you could walk up to each restaurant, order your food, and wait on it.

Now a maitre de awaits on the front door and you can immediately take a seat and the menu is brought to you. I liked the older way of ordering food, but this isn't bad either. At the very end of the space, there is a children's play zone. Stay away from that corner unless you love the sound of screeching kids with your food.


Sirniki is a traditional Ukrainian breakfast item. It is made with cheese, hence the name Sirniki, Sir being cheese. Coupled with sweet jam and cream. I honestly thought I was ordering Sirni Palachki, which is Cheese Sticks, but I ended up misunderstanding the menu. All is not in vain since I love Sirniki!

Think of them as mini cottage cheese pancakes. It is a lovely sweet and bitter treat, filled with cottage cheese, some vanilla extract, eggs, and flour. All baked together to create a slightly crunchy outside with a very soft and cheesy inside.



The American Burger is my first in Food City. Previously I always went for the taco or sushi. The burger has a beef patty, iceberg lettuce, "American Sauce", cheese, pickles, and a slice of tomato with a sesame seed bun. The fries I ordered extra coz what is a burger without fries, right?


To be honest I wasn't expecting something this big. I thought it was going to be another disappointing mini-burger with a frozen patty. Nevertheless, I was feeling a little gutsy and everything turned for the better.

The veggies were super fresh, The burger itself was very juicy and filled with flavor. It took me some time to get a full bite since it was kinda big. But a bite with all the layers was simply fantastic.



Look at that crosssection. The patty is medium-rare and so juicy. The fries were probably better than maccies. That is an excellent feat. Towards the end it was rather difficult to hold the burger, but that is to be expected with a big burger. I really enjoyed it. Really delicious, really juicy!


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