Incredible Mexican Experience at TacoLoco.


Taco Loco is still the most authentic Mexican dining experience in the city. For years now. When the sun is up and the days are much longer than nights, the restaurant opens up its summer branch on the roof of the opera theater. Nevertheless, both for the winter and private events their indoor restaurant also keeps open.

I remember sharing my experience of Taco Loco a few years back. Back then I visited them at the roof. It was such an incredible experience. I can promise you one thing; the indoors dining experience is nothing less.


Beginning right from the entrance, the restaurant is a different atmosphere completely. You are submerged in a very Mexican-styled surrounding. The beautiful murals, the designs on the furniture, the sombrero and more are just an appetizer for the real thing: the food.

There is beautiful Mexican music playing in the restaurant and on weekends it is almost impossible to get a place without a reservation. Taco Loco has preserved their exclusivity by being owned by the same Mexican owner from the start, as well as a chef flown down from Mexico.



The menu is always very intimidating. It is nothing shy of a whole journey. Everything from appetizers to drinks, all Mexican. Especially since I am not very well acquainted with Mexican cuisine, I usually take the longest time figuring out what I want.

I have my go-to's. Nevertheless, I always refer to Timothy, the owner, for recommendations. He always knows what the chef is feeling like on the day. Even the waitresses are very good with the recommendations and can suggest to you items from the menu that are simply incredible.



One of the main attractions at Taco Loco is the bar. The barman, Khuls, is always busy even when the guests are busy dancing on the floor. I was able to sneak a picture of the empty bar since I was the last to leave.

Khuls is a master at what he does. I am not a fan of drinking but I've been told that most of the people come here because the drinks made in Taco Loco cannot be found elsewhere in the city. They have a huge collection of Mexican and Mexican-inspired mixes. Something that is authentic and exclusive to Mexico.





The dining hall itself is surrounded by everything Mexico. The murals, the brick walls, and even the chairs lined with traditional-style cloth. If it weren't for the conscious mind, it could very well feel like sitting somewhere else other than Ukraine.

The dining hall also has a stage for shows facing a dance floor. That is Khuls, in the Sombrero. He plays both the barman and the host for events. And the DJ for the night was DJ Black, who is a part-time student in the city.

It was an awesome evening. The Dj put up a great show and the dance floor was absolutely dunked with moves and Mexican food. Khuls later gave out discount coupons to the best dancers from the guests.



I went with the usual tacos to start. One beef and one chicken taco. One thing most of the places that sell taco get wrong is the shell itself. Other than the taste. If it weren't for Taco Loco I would have never understood what a taco should really feel like.

Albeit the tacos here arent the most filling, it is the best way to experience something foreign and new. Soft shell tacos with a very distinct taste to them are only found in this restaurant. Just like a Turkish Doner, the secret is always in the protein. The protein in Taco Loco's tacos is by far the best I had in Ukraine.


Then came the sizzler. Incredibly hot, sizzling, and delicious. It never seemed to end. Probably we were served the sizzler on a magic pan with no bottom. The more I seemed to eat off it, the more there seemed to reappear. It was that good. Remember when they said good food should make you feel full on the first bite?

Filled with protein, capsicum, and herbs. This is a must-have. It was recommended by Timothy since it isn't spicy nor is it too sweet. Apparently, it is served in the pan it is cooked in. Wow.


We also ordered a Margarita and an Aguas Fresca which is a fruit drink with a lot of mystery. I was told mine had citrus and tropical fruits. I was thoroughly surprised. At first look, it feels like a very heavy drink. But instead, it was a very smooth and quenching juice.

I can see why the bar is very popular. I assume the margarita was good too, since it wasn't the last drink to be ordered. Other than that I ordered a Mangonado which is a drink made from mangoes. Let me tell you, it felt like eating a mango and swimming in one at the same time. Incredible stuff.


I ordered a nacho plate. It comes paired with guacamole and salsa with a sort of sour cream on top. I was also sent a platter with a bowl of beans, a bowl of veg, guac, and flat bread. Both of them were delicious although I am inclining towards the platter being the better.

By the time the bread and guac was done, I was left along eating the beans with a fork. I really would like to know what is it called. I don't seem to remember. Do you know what this is?

At the end of the party, Taco Loco was sweet enough to give every table complementary Churros. Shots of Tequila were also given in the middle of the party. Everyone took the shots together. Apparently, there was an occasion and I wasn't very aware. I really loved the shot glasses. They look like clay pots used to carry water. But a very tiny version of them.

This was my first time having Churros. I must say it is a very interesting dessert. Not too crunchy on the out, soft and sweet inside. All of it fried and served. Very delicious and a perfect end to a very incredible experience at Taco Loco.




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