The Top 5 Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurants in the Center 🇻🇳

If you are traveling to the center of Vietnam and craving vegetarian food, then you are lucky to land in a right place. Today I will share with you a list of Vegetarian and Vegan restaurants that I really like.

Mostly, Vietnamese usually eat veggie food on the first and in the middle of the month. According to Buddhists, it's a reminder to avoid saying and doing the bad things, as well as to increase the good luck for themselves and their families. However, nowadays vegetarian food has gone beyond the religious concept and become more and more popular in our daily life. There is a lot of vegetarian food, included Viet and West styles for you to choose from. All ingredients are selected carefully and processed in a different method. Here are some beloved dishes from both Viet and Western styles in my town,

1. Am Vegetarian Restaurant
Located on the main road of Ly Thai To st, Am aims for the highest quality vegetarian food in Hoi An. I like the restaurant not only because of its beautiful and unique decoration but also they don't use MSG, food dyes, or artificial ingredients.

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There are many options on the menu, mixing between Viet food like lotus salad, fresh spring rolls, and foreign style dishes like curry, Pad Thai, etc. The food is tasty and proven by many vegan experts on the internet, moreover, you will be surprised with the price, almost all dishes are almost around 1.5 USD - 5 USD, really not expensive for a local like me. The owner wants to introduce their food to local customers I believe.

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fresh spring rolls

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It was funny that I discovered it thanks to a foreign friend who is living in Vietnam for a while. Somehow I feel so proud that our local food well reach to Western standard ^^

I leave some information about the Restaurant below for those living in Vietnam can come and experience it on your own :)

Address: 33D Ly Thai To Hi An
City or Town: Hi An (formerly known as Fai-Fo or Faifoo)
Province: Qung Nam Province
Tel: +84 93 564 75 01

2. Bao An Macrobiotic Restaurant

It has been a while that Bao An starts to have a foot in the heart of loving vegan experts. Located on a beautiful road in Son Tra, Bao An is becoming a usual place for me and my friends to meet up and have a happy time together.


If you haven't yet experienced macrobiotic methodology, then it's one more reason to try this place. The price is about 1.7 USD/ dishes with daily choice as well.


Add: 56 Hoang Bich Son Street, Son Tra District, Danang City
Opening hours: 7.00am  9.00pm

3. TỊNH - Quán Chay Đà Nẵng. Da Nang Vegetarian Cuisines

Located on the way to Lady Buddha, Tinh Quan is a hidden gem in a small alley of Son Tra district. I was impressed with their hotpot when having lunch with my friends there. The food was delicious and the owner with her team was so friendly and helpful. We came a bit late compared with opening time, but they are still willing to open up the kitchen to serve us. The price will make you surprised too. It starts from 1 USD/dish and is presented on very beautiful with ceramic plates and bowls. I think all-vegetarian shop owners build their business with their good hearts only.



11 Trn Nht Dut, Th Quang, Sơn Trà, Đà Nng
Time: 9:00-21:00
Phone: 0236 3923 456

4. KURUMI - Healthy Vegan Desserts & Food

Got amazed by our local vegetarian restaurants, I almost forget to mention this Russian vegan & cafe. I fell in love with their vegan food since I first bumped into this cozy and charming place just because they do it so amazingly tasty. And they have a quality raw oatmeal that I really like for breakfast as well. Every time I came there, I forgot to take pictures of that beloved food. Luckily, they did take some for me on my birthday.



One thing I should mention as well, the menu is very unique and creative, sometimes, they are offering seasonal dishes as well. I love their ice cream stick during summertime. The price is a bit high for local, starting from 4 USD/ dish if I remember correctly ^^, you can find their location below here. Right at expats' area.

Address: N23 An Thưng 37, Bc M Phú, Ngũ Hành Sơn, Đà Nng 550000
Các gi: 
Time: 8:30 - 21:30
Phone Number: 0569 844 088

**5. Roots Plant-based Cafe **
I used to mention this place as one of my favorite places to go in the last post, and yes, indeed one of the best restaurants in town. Located on the main road of An Thuong area, Roots Cafe stands out as a modern Japanese Vegan cafe in Danang. They serve various food and healthy drinks. Everything is well cared for before bringing to customers. The staff and owner are all very kind and hard-working people. They always tend to share not only the best food experience but also good vibes to everyone. I really like their smoothie bowl.




Indeed, you pay for a great experience and quality, the price is about 4.5 USD/ dish. You will not regret trying it out. They have a very high rank on the internet as well.

Address: 01 An Thưng 32, Bc M Phú, Ngũ Hành Sơn, Đà Nng 55000
Các gi: 
Time: 8:00 - 22:45
Phone: 0865 528 252

In general, the center of Vietnam is offering various choices of vegetarian food with many gorgeous restaurants and food stalls. All are providing very good food and excellent services. Even though you are a vegetarian or not, don't miss a chance to experience one of those during your vacation in our beautiful beach city.
Happy weekend to everyone 💚

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