Two Version of Avocado Toasts for My Messy Day


Do you believe that your messy feelings make everything you do messy?

I believe that and I just experienced it a few days ago. I didn't make these dishes today, but a few days ago and I just posted today.


It was a really bad day because of the toxic people around me and made my feelings fall apart. Plus I was quite angry because they thought I was an exaggeration for still thinking about the Navy. I'm really angry and messy. I feel they are interfering in my life too much.


So I woke up feeling a mess. I try to make a simple breakfast. I thought it wouldn't have any effect on my food, but as it turned out, I caused an egg to be too bad. The yolk doesn't look perfect. Looks like I put too many bad emotions in my hands cooking. Even if it's just an egg, but I feel my emotions are destroying me.

But at least from that, I learned that feeling messy will only lead to other messy things. So next time I'm going through the same thing as that day, I'll hold myself back. At least do some meditation, before my anger explodes into the things around me.



Apart from the imperfect eggs of the day, I had yogurt in stock. So I decided to make a more refreshing version.

Avocado Toasts with Blueberry Yogurt was the first thing I tried, for this version. Usually, I'm just used to enjoying avocado toast with egg.


A very practical breakfast to make when I'm not feeling well at that time. I sliced ​​the avocado while waiting for my bread to bake to my liking.



Then when the toast is ready to be served, I arrange the slices of avocado on top of the toasts.

In the final stage, I added blueberry yogurt as a topping.

My First Impressions of Avocado Toasts with Blueberry Yogurt

For those who like yogurt, I think this is delicious. I love the fresh mix of avocado and yogurt combination. But I don't think this is the best combination.

I just imagined that these avocado toasts would be even better with coconut yogurt. Next time I will try the Avocado Toasts with Coconut Yogurt version.



For the Avocado Toast version with a combination of eggs, I mash the avocado, then arrange the mashed avocado on a toast. Followed by putting a really bad egg on top of the mashed avocado.


How does it feel? It turned out to be better. Even though the egg looks bad because when I was cooking I had a bad feeling at the time, the overall taste was really good!



I prefer Avocado Toast with Toast compared to yogurt.

How about you guys? Which version do you like more?


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Best Regards,
Anggrek Lestari

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