Blue Fried Eggs Served With Torch Ginger Flowers

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Have you ever enjoyed fried eggs, but previously boiled and colored?



I have a special recipe, "Blue Fried Eggs Served With Torch Ginger Flowers."

I use natural dye, Blue Pea flowers fresh from the garden.


Then boil the flowers with boiled eggs. Remove and leave the boiled eggs in the blue pea water for at least an hour.

Drain the colored eggs. Then halve each egg.


Heat the butter, then fry the colored eggs until the surface is browned.


Remember, not too long and overcooked which will cause the eggs will be bad in texture.

Set aside the blue fried eggs. Then, fry the red onions and red chilies with butter until fragrant.

Serve fried onions with chili with torch ginger flowers! Torch ginger flowers that can be eaten raw will make the taste of fried eggs more delicious, fresh, and smell good!



This fried egg made from hard-boiled eggs has a combination of a soft texture as well as the delicious texture of fried food. Then, perfect combination with fried red onion and chili. Yummy!

What do you think of my recipe this time? I hope you guys enjoy it!


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