Upgrading Food Photography Equipment

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Investing in food photography equipment is addictive! I always want to upgrade many things in the kitchen equipment.

So this time I will share what I bought to upgrade my food photography equipment.



When shopping at that time, I always make sure that the items I buy will be used. So it's not a waste of my money.


I bought a cutlery set, food tray, and placements. I was excited about some of the quick photography experiments I did with these items.

Most of the items this time focus on the gold color to add luxury to my food later.

A gold food tray looks striking but at the same time gives a different touch, for example to a cup of coffee that I put on the food tray. I can't wait to explore more of the reflections this food tray can bring.

The quick results of a quick photographic experiment look promising. What do you think?

Enjoy my video!





  • Camera: iPhone 11
  • Editing: Inshot Apps
  • Music: All I Love by Philip E Morris Via Inshot Apps

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Anggrek Lestari

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