Fresh Young Coconuts From A Short Coconut Tree


The freshness and natural health benefits of the young coconut are a blessing from the infinite universe. After a long time, I didn't taste fresh young coconut straight from the tree, I finally had the opportunity to enjoy it again.

My coconut tree, which is a tall tree, has been cut down for fear it could fall on my house at that time. So I'm so excited when my cousin offered me a young coconut at her house.

My cousin has a coconut tree that is short and has lots of fruit. Look at the height of the coconut tree. Almost as tall as me. So we were lucky to be able to harvest the young coconuts easily.


Without thinking, I came to my cousin's house. Who can resist the pleasure of young coconut? I don't want to miss it. Before the delicious coconuts were stolen again by the thief for the umpteenth time.



This coconut tree is very different from the types of coconut trees in Indonesia in general. This short coconut tree also bears fruit faster than tall coconut trees.


So to harvest young coconuts from this short tree is also very easy. I just had to twist the base of the coconut to separate the coconut from the stalks.



These are the young coconuts harvested today. To be able to enjoy the freshness of young coconut water and young coconut flesh, I have to peel the hard outer shell.


First of all, remove a little skin from the end of the coconut to make a hole in the shell, to get the water.


After the young coconut water was removed from the coconut, I immediately split the young coconut into two parts with a sharp machete.


After the young coconut is split into 2 pieces, then take the young coconut flesh using a spoon, slowly.


Cheers! Enjoy young coconut water and young coconut flesh without any additives for maximum health benefits. People in my village usually consume young coconut water if they have a fever or feel food poisoning.

Some sellers in my area, often add sugar to it even coconut water already has a natural sweetness. That's why I prefer to enjoy fresh coconut straight from the tree.


Well, have you ever enjoyed young coconut?

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