Vegetable foods rich in fiber

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In addition to the vitamins contained in vegetables and fruits, the consumption of vegetables also provides carbohydrates and beneficial fibers for our healthy diet. As regards fiber as an assimilable nutrient, we can find it in all plants, specifically in fruits, vegetables and legumes rich in galactooligosaccharides.

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▶ In nutrition, vegetable fibers represent an inexhaustible source that helps reduce cholesterol levels, and combat constipation or pathological diseases underlying or associated with eating disorders.

From AgroVision in order to help share healthy content to increase the intake of vegetables and take advantage of their nutrients, we recommend consuming fruits, vegetables, nuts, cereals, tubers and legumes rich in fiber.

One aspect to consider is that regular consumption of vegetable fiber helps our body to control weight gain, since fiber provides volume to the diet, which triggers a feeling of satiety.

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▶ Among the main vegetables rich in fiber are wheat, sweet potato, corn, peanuts, oats, coconut, plum, carrot, lemon, orange, and legumes. It is important to mention that people who do not have a regular consumption of fiber, but who wish to incorporate fiber intake into their daily diet, should include it in moderate amounts, since an excess consumption of fiber can lead to an increase in gas and stomach disorders.

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