Consumption of plant species in diabetes control

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In nature are all the answers to our health problems, today we will talk about diabetes and the positive effect that some plant species have to treat this increasingly common disorder in people.

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▶ The lack of control of sugar levels in our metabolism is known as diabetes. This disorder, like hypertension, is considered one of the most silent metabolic pathologies, and the one that most affects people with obesity and carbohydrate-rich eating habits.

Therefore, for people with or without diabetes-related problems, it is advisable to lower the intake of carbohydrates and incorporate simple healthy habits, such as the consumption of vegetable species that help to keep sugar levels under control.

If we look beyond strict low-carbohydrate diets, a healthy diet based on vegetable species can contribute a lot to the goal of controlling sugar levels that can lead to diabetes.

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▶ Some vegetable species of daily consumption can help us to balance the sugar levels in our metabolism, namely; intakes of beans, beans, hot drinks based on cinnamon, eucalyptus, stevia, gymnema, cold fruit drinks such as pears, strawberries, cherries and apples.

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