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Returning to the #natural world and sharing with you the benefits and virtues of the fruits or plants that our beloved nature offers us and of which we can make good use as long as we know not only their benefits but their contraindications and thus avoid poisoning or any side effects. In this case, friends of Hive, I come to talk about the fruit of a wonderful plant called DIVIDIVI, whose taxonomy is that it belongs to the kingdom Plantae, it belongs to the Fabaceae family, genus Caesalpinia and its species is Caesalpinia coriaria. The Dividiví has antibiotic and antiseptic properties, it is used as part of alternative treatments for heart conditions, as well as for cancer; the bark and leaves are used as an astringent, its flowers are very aromatic and also has its uses in heart conditions, as well as in dyspepsia, its roots are used as an antiseptic in different ulcerations and to treat gangrene. The variety of its use depends on the country, for example in Colombia people use it as a drink that serves as a depurante specifically for cholesterol, in Venezuela its fruit is used as part of gargle treatments to relieve the different symptoms of tonsillitis and for the prevention of cancer. It is also important to know that it can cause damage if used during pregnancy or breastfeeding without express authorization from a doctor.

I must confess that I personally use this fruit at home a lot to prevent throat ailments, in this case it is prepared in a very simple and practical way, placing to boil water to which the fruit is added, when boiling let stand and gargle twice a day; also lately we have used it as healing in ulcers or wounds and hence the idea of developing a healing cream based on this fruit making use of a base, for this we just have to have the following (two photos will be shown one with the big pot of the Base and another with what was actually used):

  • 30 grams of base cream (varies according to the need).
  • 30 grams of the fruit (Dividiví)
  • A plastic container or preferably (in this case a recycled one)

For its elaboration the following will be done:

  • First of all, once we have the container in which we will keep the cream according to the capacity we are preparing, it must be sterilized.

  • Take the 30 grams of dividivi which will be crushed, leaving an oil which will be extracted with an injector and placed in the cream base. In this case the fruits were very dry and therefore I proceeded to grate them using a grater, it was done by the smallest hole and then a strainer was used to facilitate the compacting with the base and not lose their nutrients.

  • Subsequently, the 30 grams of base were mixed with the powder extracted from the fruit and added to the sterilized container to keep the cream, which should be left for 24 hours before being used as cream; an identification label was also made.

We hope you liked this post and that it will serve as an enthusiasm and contribution to take into account natural medicine as an alternative and thus encourage you to make your own healing cream. See you soon.

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