Aloe Punch with honey, ginger and lemon.

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This post I want to dedicate to the #natural community, which really had a little abandoned, which does not imply that I do not continue to consume home remedies that can help us in our health in a natural way in these difficult times facing the world as is the pandemic COVID19. During these days where we can not afford to get sick and much less have flu symptoms that do not finish developing and that commercial expectorants do not help much, in this case at home we use to combat this type of respiratory ailments and especially with the idea that these flu does not become serious lung problem, for this the creation of a natural expectorant which we call aloe vera punch with honey, in addition to incorporating ginger and lemon. Now before telling you what you need to do this home remedy is important to know the benefits of aloe vera for health, which are multiple among them serves as an expectorant, healing, for hair, to combat dandruff, so many are its benefits that today in the commercial are many products that are sold in the markets where the main ingredient is the aloe vera crystal, such as beauty products for the care of the face, healing cream, facial cleansers, expectorant syrups, shampoo for hair, among others. As we can see there are many positive effects that this incredible plant has and of course it should be used with awareness and bearing in mind that if people are allergic to iodine and it is rich in this substance should not use it because it can cause intoxication. It is also important to highlight that this plant has several thick leaves or what is known as penca and it is scientifically known as Aloe vera.

Without further ado, to prepare this simple but effective punch you only need to have the following (in this case the portions are according to the amount we want to prepare):
  • Three (3) stalks of aloe vera (for half a liter of punch)
  • Two (2) lemons
  • 10 grams of ginger
  • 4 tablespoons of honey or to taste

For its elaboration, the following steps are carried out as follows:

  • The three aloe stalks were taken and peeled to obtain the crystal that will later be used in the mixture.

  • The ginger was also taken to be peeled and chopped to be incorporated into the mixture.

- The two lemons were also chopped and squeezed to obtain their juice, which is part of the preparation.

  • Once the previous steps were completed, the aloe vera crystals were placed in the glass of the blender, the chopped ginger, the lemon juice and the four spoonfuls of honey were added, everything was diluted and half a liter of punch was obtained.

I hope you liked this post and my experience will serve as enthusiasm to take into account natural medicine as an alternative and can make this natural remedy called aloe vera punch with honey, ginger and lemon. See you soon.

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