Get to know the new variant of the Corona B. 1617 virus

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Covid-19 which occurred in India became the world's spotlight. One of the factors causing Covid-19 sunami is the mutation of the corona B virus. 1617.

Variant B. 1617 is a new variant of the corona virus that was first identified in India in December 2020. This variant is also known as a dual mutant because it contains mutations in 2 viruses, namely: L.452 R and E 484 Q, L. 452 R mutations are feared to increase viral transmission and decrease antibody efficacy.

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It is feared that the E. 484 Q mutation will make the virus have a better cell increase than before, potentially avoiding the body's immune system.

The question is: Is it more contagious? Quoted from the news, Grace C Roberts, a virologist at the University of Queens in her writing on Conversation said this variant may be able to spread more easily than the form carried by the previous virus. because the resulting L. 425 R mutation affects viral proteins.

One more question, Is it more dangerous? Some scientists are currently researching this new variant to find out whether the virus is more dangerous than others, but at this time it is feared that it will have an impact on the efficacy of the vaccine for the known B.1617 corona virus variant. already entered Indonesia. 2 other variants, namely B.1.17 from the UK and B. 1.351 from South Africa which are confirmed to have entered Indonesia, to date there are 16 cases of Covid -19 in Indonesia caused by the transmission of the Corona Virus caused by these 3 variants.

Therefore, we all have to take care of our own health, environmental and health protocols must always be improved.

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