Juicing recipe #1 Spicy Herby Pineappley

We started to replace one of our meals a day with fresh-squeezed juice. We purchased the bestseller juicer from amazon for $7x.xx and we have been enjoying using the machine like cray cray. You know why, juice is so delicious, refreshing and we know we got all the nutrients in just because it couldn't be more fresh!

Since we have been loving it and I have been coming up with random juice recipe every single day, just think it would be nice to share the healthy & delicious recipes with you guys here day by day.

Let's get juicin'!

The green with the green with the white and some yellow

No one has said that, I said so myself as I imagine it would be so damn delicious. When I was in high school, I was so addicted to pineapple basil juice. It's good by itself of course, but since we have so many more kinds that can fit in, why not put in some more.

Milder the flavor with some cucumbers then make it a bit stronger with lemon #lol Sweetness of the pineapple and some heat from jalapeño. Please be careful with the last one, we put the whole one in and it burns!!!

Here we go..

Ingredients: 2 cucumbers, 1 few branches of basils, 1 lemon, 2 big chunks of pineapples, 2 apples, and half jalapeño.








Put in less jalapeño and you're all good.

Super refreshing!

Please give it a go.

This is a killin' juice recipe!