The Veggie Planters aka Chess with a View





This post is a continuation of The Olive Pickers. Don't miss that write up on natural medicine / documentary filmmaking.

In case you didn't get the before / after ( photos )...

one was taken before I took the chess pieces out of the box and the other after having put the pieces on the board ;<)

Just wanted to let you all know that I enjoyed another day helping out A. and B. on their land. Today I mainly helped B. with prepping vegetable beds ( before the rain will come ). The plan was to plant some garlic but in the end we didn't get to that.

At the end of the afternoon,while B. was cooking dinner for us ( pasta with pesto and awesome grated cheese ), Adam and I played a game of chess while the sun painted the sky in all kinds of beautiful colors.

I got to taste their awesome olive oil, pressed only days ago from the olives that I helped to pick from their trees last week. It was ( one of ) the best olive oils that I've ever tasted.

I had jokingly told A. before arrival, that this time I would bring my chess board and pieces, as he had beaten me hard in our first game last week.

Back then, we were playing with his tiny glass chess pieces. Both of them almost translucent ( and not black and white ). Half of the game was played in the dark and I could hardly distinguish my pieces from his. It didn't make things easier, to say the least.

Today I turned the tables and he shook my hand when it started to get seriously dark. It seems like I've found another worthy opponent, @inuke

Anyhow, this was supposed to be a short post after a long but satisfying day in the outdoors.

I might have a very cool other update on my life soonish.


Big hug from Portugal,