Lemongrass and Lemon Therapy for Obesity and Insomnia

Many people do anything to lose weight until they reach the desired weight, the problem is that some people unknowingly consume various drugs that are not necessarily good for health, they want
an ideal body weight in an instant way without thinking about negative effects in the future.But Hive lovers don't worry, I will share a natural recipe that is easy and suitable for hive lovers, so that it can overcome obesity or insomnia.
The main ingredients we need are only two kinds, namely lemongrass and lemon. Hive lovers certainly have no trouble getting these ingredients.


This drink can be consumed in the morning and at night before going to bed, the effects of consuming this drink will be visible after a few weeks, such as weight loss (my friend has tried), but patience is needed for maximum results, this drink can also be useful to detox. Some of the benefits that we can get by consuming lemongrass, lemongrass which can treat:
b.Cancer prevention
c.Common cold
i.Musculoskeletal pain
k.Lose Weight
(source : https://www.verywellfit.com/

In this therapy we will also use lemons, because lemons are rich in vitamin C, some of the health benefits of lemons are:
a. Support Heart Health
b. Help Control Weight
c. Prevent Kidney Stones
d. Protect Against Anemia
e. Reduce Cancer Risk
f. Improve Digestive Health
How to consume lemongrass and lemon for the treatment of obesity and insomnia?
First, we prepare the materials needed, namely:
a.3 lemongrass stalks
b.one lemon (can be green or yellow)
c.500 mL of water


how to make :
a.Wash the lemongrass and lemon
b.Blend the lemongrass stalks and water


c.Boil the lemongrass that has been blended, until it boils
d. Strain the lemongrass cooking water, let stand until warm


e.Cut the lemon according to taste
f.Put the lemon slices into the filtered lemongrass cooking water


g.Drink while warm
the dose that we can drink for the morning is 200 mL-250 mL, at night we can consume it with the same dose

This drink can also be enjoyed during hot weather, you only need to add honey or sugar and a piece of ice according to your taste.Good luck,Keep Spirit and Stay Healthy


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