Telling Myself To Slow Down!


Slow down!! That has been my message for the day, with my own body (in it's own, very efficient way) reminding me to just slow down. Twice I fell, always landing on my right knee and both times when I was trying to get somewhere. Somewhere in a rush.

The first time was this morning, as I went out the door on my way to get supplies in town. The girls had left a hoola hoop on the tail of my truck and I slipped on it as I came out. I had my water bottle in my hand, I managed to keep a hold of that and land on my left hand and right knee, just inches away from the steps. So all in all, it was a lucky fall.

I just shook it off and went on my way. Trying not to focus on the fact, that if I had landed a little bit further away, I could have done some real damage. But I hadn't, so no point dwelling on it. The sun was shining and I had the opportunity to get into town without my girls and do things at my own pace.

Which of course was faster than usual, just because I could and plus I was on a mission, to get in and out of town as quick as possible, as I just hate to see so many people in masks.

But I was in for a little surprise, not everyone was wearing mask, I counted 10 without and we all greeted one another as if we knew one another, it was great, huge smiles all the way. Things felt a little lighter for a change.

Then I spotted a friend of mine, in a shop and went to greet her, with a big hug and a kiss. The shop owner, came over and asked us to please respect 'covid', well that really burst my happy bubble. Now I was right back, in the thick of it.Once again there was no escaping the fact that so many people are living in fear and the energy suddenly got heavy again.

But I was determined to just shake that off too, I was still super happy to have seen 10 fellow freedom lovers and that was such a wonderful sight to behold.

As I was walking back home, with my bags full, my knee started to hurt again and I then remembered my fall. Take it easy Aishlinn, take it nice and slow. So instead of marching up the hill, I strolled and it felt good.

I like to walk fast sometimes, especially when I am on my own, I find it invigorating. But I also need to listen to my body and be respectful.

This evening I joined some friends for a sauna, at another friends house further down the track. I think we were in there for 2 hours as our kids entertained themselves upstairs. It felt so good to just let my body relax and my stress melt away, whilst I shed some skin.

My skin feels so soft now. But the evening went to quickly and before I knew it, it was time to gather my girls and get them home for some food. I went from being super relaxed to trying to get them all organized and out the door. There was time for some quick goodbyes and then off we went.

I only took about 8 steps and I tripped over a step, I fell in what seemed like slow motion, holding the hand of my youngest. I manged to keep hold of her and keep her up right, but this time my right knee got quite a bang. Also my shoulder.

I think I just twisted my body so I could keep my daughter from falling. All because I was in a rush to get home.

But why rush after such a relaxing evening, an evening that I really needed. Now I sit here, feeling squeaky clean, but with a sore knee and shoulder, reflecting about how impatient I was and how simple things could have been if I just remembered to breathe and to just take my time. Whats a few more minutes anyway. Especially if it means my body is happy.

So here's to being gentle with myself and giving myself more time, to get things done. Here's to remembering, To just slow down.........