"Simplicity Is The Whole Secret Of Well-Being "- Natural Medicine Challenge

"Simplicity is the whole secret of well-being."- Peter Matthiessen


If only things were simpler? How often have we heard that phrase, how often have you actually said it? It seems, that for much of humankind, things have gotten more and more complicated as time went by. We seemed to have gotten bewitched by the convenience of things and the advancement of technology.

As more rules and regulations were put into place, it was all about conforming and fitting in. Trying to adjust to a certain way of life, instead of embracing the diversity that we all represent. Suddenly there was just one way in which we could be seen as successful and that was all tied to money and status.

We began to become divided and segregated and to question things that no longer fitted into the 'norm'. Into normal behaviour, normal etiquette and not in a good way. Seeing others try and express their freedoms, resulted in many feeling threaten , so those individuals were shun upon. Labelled as outlandish and eccentric.

Suddenly people's lives where filled with new things to worry about, new unspoken rules to abide by, new expectations that they felt they had to adhere to!


Life became so much more complicated, as we suddenly had to really think about how we act and behave, how we dress. We strove to become successful, acquiring objects that we believed we needed. Our lives becoming full of stuff, stuff that needed to be maintained. Stuff that added more stress to our lives!

All of this takes us furthered away from who we are, furthered away from one another and furthered away from nature. We become detached, no longer fully aware of the impact our lives have upon the earth. We see nature as something that is ours to use as we see fit and so we care not, for the many trees that are being cut down to make our toilet paper. The amount of animals being tortured so that we can keep ourselves and our homes clean.

We become disconnected from what really matters!

But oh when life was simpler, (simpler is not the same as easy), when we woke up each day and knew exactly how our daily activities would impact the earth, when we take responsibility for our own lives and live by our own rhythm.


When we wake up each morning, grateful to see the sun and to have the ability to step outside and connect with the earth. When we have all that we need! Food, Shelter and Love.

The more stuff we have in our lives, the more we are pulled away from ourselves. All of these things needing our attention, needing our time and energy. Less really is more!

I have been living a fairly minimalist life for quite a time now. It is a little difficult at times with children as they are very good at gathering things. But I notice straight away when there is too much stuff in my life, because suddenly I get pulled away from what really matters, providing food, shelter and love for me and my children.

When we get to focus on those 3 things, life is so much more simpler. It flows. Of course there are many things that can fit within each of them, but if each one is done with awareness and with positive intent, then we find ourselves,feeling much more fulfilled. I will not say happy, because of course we all want to be happy, but we also must embrace our other sides of ourselves.


Because striving to be happy all of the time, is not simple. To me, simplicity is all about what comes naturally. And being sad and experiencing feelings of frustration and anger are all natural. Striving to always present ourselves to be 'happy', is a huge part of the problem, this conformity that we have faced.

Things are simpler when we are allowed to just be, to be who we are, to feel how we feel in any given second. For sure we need awareness as well, but being able to express ourselves freely, is something so simple yet something we have been taught to disconnect from!

I have a huge passion for ReWilding, rewilding ourselves and our environment. To reconnect with who we really our, our authentic self and through that finally recognize ourselves as a part of nature.

When we are able to do that, then we begin to change our relationship with the natural world, never taking anything for granted again! Seeing things for what they are, seeing how simple things can be when we disconnect from society, from technology and reconnect to nature, to our natural state of being!


This rainbow song, puts it perfectly:

I find my joy in the simple things, that come from the earth.

I find my joy in the sun that shines and the river that sings to me.

Listen to the wind and listen to the water, hear what they say.

Singing hey yah, hey yah, hey yah, hey yah, hey yah, hey yah ho

Oh never forget, never forget to give thanks,

Give thanks, give thanks, give thanks, and praise.

Life can be so much simpler, if we are willing to give up our material life and embrace a more natural way of living. It is amazing what comes your way, when you live with less. I am so much happier and healthier. The quote that I chose really resonates with me, because I live a very simple life. Simple, but full of adventures and challenges and growth.


A life that allows me to stay connect with the natural world and has led to me embracing who I am and that is what is most important for our well-being!

I have included photos of when I done a 2 month trek in the mountains with my girls, a friend, her son and 2 horses, this was a time when I lived very simply and it is one of the most amazing experiences of my life! Everyday I felt so alive and so healthy. We woke up,embraced the day and walked until we found a beautiful place to rest our heads again and each day followed on the same.

This is my response to the latest Natural Medicine Challenge, which gives you to option to answer 3 question. I chose to answer the Well Being Quote Option. This challenge runs until the end of November.





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