My Word For 2020! - Can You Guess It?


I think I am a little late for this challenge,that was created by @senorcoconut, but I still wanted to get involved, as I am all about starting this year with positive intentions. On the Winter Solstice, the rising collective I am a part of, declared ourselves a sovereign nation and I signed up as a trustee. With that role came the opportunity to create a new clann name for myself, if I so desired.

It didn't take me long to come up with the name Wild, (surprise, surprise) so my family name is now Wild and when I create my own family trust which lies under the protection of the community Trust, it will be know as the Wild family trust.

Perfect, if you ask me!

So it's pretty obvious now, what my word or theme for 2020 and 2021 is, WILD or REWILD! To be honest it has been my word for many a year now, but seeing it in writing well that is something else. That's me below, signing my new Clann name! A new chapter in my life, becoming a sovereign being.


For me, we are wild at our core, it is what we connect with, when we connect with our true self. This idea of being civil, comes from the desire of society to tame us. So that we follow the path of conformity. Doing what is expected of us, instead of what we really desire. Indeed the term wild, is seen as a negative word for some. Something to fear and steer away from.

But it is nothing new, to have some of our most powerful words manipulated, so that we grow to fear the things that can really empower us. 2020, started out as such a mind boggling year and well it pretty much started that way. A wild ride indeed, but during that time we were forced to stay indoors and face who we are. To really reflect on our life and all the choices we have made.

This was an opportunity to really connect with the wild within. To let go of the world that has been forced on us and create the world we want to live in. But we needed to dig deep, so that we could connect with our truth and connect with our true desire, not what had been forced upon us.

2020 was the start of our journey towards empowerment. Reclaiming our power, reclaiming the wild within! In order to return, we needed to acknowledge who we are, to work through our pain and bare witness to the truth of the world we live in. So many layers, when we started to dig deep, so many layers were exposed.

On top of that the media constantly trying to led us astray, by instilling fear and panic. But we control how we react, not the media. It is the wild within that will carry us forward, that will empower us. The wild within and the wild without.

Let the sun energize us, let us go outdoors and connect with nature, breathe in and breathe out. Heal ourselves as we move forward, embracing the wild! Embracing the wisdom we all hold within!

Lets continue to be WILD!





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