4x4 Grow Update #3 - Spiderfarmer & Mars Hydro LEDs

Strain Name: Lemon-ups, PKxNL
Strain Type: Hybrid
Strain Breeder: trinitygenetics
Growing medium: Supersoil
Growing Ferts: EWC & Compost Tea & Top Dress

4x4 Update # 3

What's up tokers? In the last update on the 4x4, you may remember me talking about moving around the lights. The reason for this being I only had three pots in the tent now. The two 20-gallon and the one 5-gallon.

Here is me playing around with the pro mode on my camera. Not sure really why the blue/ purple settings but I am sure it is for a reason.

Pink Kush X Northern Lights

The PKxNL has taken a small hit with I am thinking it may be a more sensitive plant for humidity. The one in the smaller 5-gallon pot when I switched it over to rainwater it seem to have a small PH issue. This has now seemed to correct itself.

As you can see the purple one looks like I am running blurple lights.

Top Dress

This week was another week that I have been adding a small amount of about 1 cup a day of EWC to the top layer of soil. This will be sure to give the plant the beneficial nutrients it needs for the last couple of weeks of flower.

Starting next week I will be adding some more Gaiagreen amendments to get this soil ready for another photoperiod plant or possibly a round of autos from @bifbeans

Compost Tea

This week I never added any compost tea to the plants. The main reason for this is adding rainwater I was already going to put the PH off but in The next video I will make sure to get a tea brewing and show how and what I add to that.


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