Bone System Strengthener

It is very common that over time, our bone system loses strength, and tends to become porous and fragile. This occurs in both men and women, although in women this process is more frequent and notorious, which is known as osteoporosis, and as the word indicates, it is the condition of porosity that they acquire the bones, and that is because they lose density, they become weaker, making them more susceptible to fractures and injuries.

Although osteoporosis is a widely spread disease, I believe that it can be prevented and even lessen its severity; and this is achieved through a healthy diet and exercise. There are also pharmaceutical calcium supplements, which protect the bone system, however, they are unpleasant and I believe that over time they can cause side effects (this is my opinion, very personal).

And since I like natural medicine so much, and I always try to use it to prevent and heal diseases (avoiding the use of allopathic medicine as much as possible); t oday I have brought you a preparation that is a strengthener of the bone system, which gives us an additional dose of calcium that is very useful in the prevention of osteoporosis. This preparation is very simple to make, it only requires that you have the ingredients that are cheap. I consider that two of the three ingredients can be found throughout the planet, only the third element would be a little more difficult to obtain, since it is a native seed from South America, (or at least from Venezuela); however, I will share the recipe with you, which may be useful for many of you.

Previously, specifically in my second post on Hive, I intended it to talk about this seed to which I refer, which is known as Black Brusca (Cassia occidentalis L.), because it is a plant that I grow annually in my plot and I sell the seeds in my house. I cultivate it for several reasons: It is a honey plant, especially for cigarrones (Xylocopa); on the other hand, some birds known as azulejos (Thraupis episcopus), also like this plant very much; and additionally I use it in my diet and I also sell it.

If you want to know more about the brusque black, below I share the link of that publication

Here I share two photos of the last black brusca plant of the 2022 season


Time, ingredients and equipment

  • Preparation time: 10 to 15 minutes.

  • 4 tablespoons of pumpkin seeds.

  • 1 tablespoon sesame seeds.

  • 1 tablespoon of black brusca seeds (Cassia occidentalis L.).

  • Resulting amount: That will depend directly on the amount of seeds you use. A greater quantity of pumpkin and sesame seeds is always used for palatability, since the black brusca is somewhat bitter.

  • Salt to taste (I used half a teaspoon).

  • A cauldron or frying pan, strainer, blender, plates or cups, a spoon, a sterilized glass jar.


The procedure is very simple. First of all we have all the ingredients and utensils organized and available, in order to make the preparation quickly. In this case, I used the seeds that I extracted from a pumpkin to make this fortifier, so it was necessary to wash and drain them.

Once the pumpkin seeds are clean and drained, I proceed to toast them over low heat, taking care not to burn them. I do the same with the sesame seeds and the black brusque. While pumpkin and sesame seeds are easy to tell when they're roasted, brusca negra isn't, because they're a dark brown in color. We will know when they are ready, when they give off a smell similar to roasted coffee and begin to explode like popcorn, at that moment they are ready.

When they have cooled down, I proceed to grind the pumpkin seeds in the blender or processor. Later I add the sesame seeds and brusca negra, as well as the salt (this is optional), to continue grinding until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.

The texture of this preparation is similar to that of a thick powder, it is not very fine. It must be stored in a sterile glass bottle and kept at room temperature, without direct incidence of sunlight. The flavor is exquisite, because it has a marked taste of nuts. This time I only used salt to add flavor, but you can also add ground cumin and oregano. The way to consume it is to add it to meals, for example, I don't consume butter or margarine, so I use it in my breakfasts to fill my arepas. I also sprinkle broths, soups and rice with this preparation. Delicious! And it has the great advantage of being a super provider of calcium, since all its ingredients provide this important element for our health.

I can tell you that here, where I live, the doctors specializing in the bone system (traumatologists), when people suffer fractures or undergo surgery on bone tissue, recommend the daily intake of brusca negra, which must be roasted and ground before being ingested, thus the recovery is faster, because it accelerates the appearance of scar tissue. It is generally recommended to consume this fortifier alternately, that is, 15 continuous days (once or twice a day), a month-long pause, and then its consumption is restarted. It is highly recommended for people after forty years of age, when the bones begin to lose density.

Here I end my post today, in which I have brought you a natural alternative to prevent a disease that can be terrible, such as osteoporosis. I hope you are encouraged to follow the path of Natural Medicine, which is very effective and gentle with our body. Greetings to all.

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