The root of immortality

Giloy stems has power to improve your immune system and someone gifted me these precious stems


If you have not heard about Giloy, then a simple google search will get you tons of sites telling the health benefits of it. Unfortunately, its hard to get it because its mostly available in forests. It's very popular in India, and you can get ready made juices as well. Baba Ramdev of Patanjali Ayurveda has made it famous and its a life saver for dengue fever. So just when I was searching to do some natural therapies, a friend called me and asked to collect these precious gifts. He procured it from someone from the forests, and I instantly went and collected them.

To keep it fresh for as many days as we can, we have wrapped it in paper and kept in freezer. And just when I wake up, I cut them and soak in water.


I have started my morning exercise again, and after I come from exercise, we just grind it and filter and consume. The taste is not good, but everything that tastes better is not good for health.






It just takes some time but the price that we have to give being not natural is not cheap as well. I have tried to planted some stems, if it grows, then I will take it and put near a Neem tree, because, Giloy spreading on a Neem tree is the best quality.

And who does not want better immunity ? The way, we are seeing new diseases, these natural remedies can only help us. If you want taste, then you can make a Giloy concoction by adding ginger, tulsi leaves,black pepper and corn and boiling it. After it boils to half, you can add pepper and clove as well. But its most easy to consume the raw like me, if you are not behind taste.

And a word of caution - its not suitable for people with auto immune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis or lupus.