Garden Journal Challenge July : Nature gives us the right product at right time

We should try to consume seasonal food instead of trying to grow them in other seasons


Nature gives us everything - it knows which fruit should be consumed when. Unfortunately, we have been trying to steal that and trying to grow vegetables / fruits in off seasons with a thought that we can do anything - but that is where we are going wrong.

I have come to my native place since last few days and I was excited to see these fruits / vegetables in my own home garden. In fact its not even a planned garden. Its a big space ( almost 20000 sq ft) with lot of trees and full of greenery. Some of the trees I planted when I was a kid almost 30 years back. The comfort it gives us now, cannot be matched to any artificial environment.

These jackfruits are the last yield of this year. There were enough of them as per my Mom and they distributed a lot to neighbors and friends. If you do not know, they are very rich source of fiber and contain natural chemicals they may help prevent Ulcers. When I was young in my twenties, I could eat one of these at one go. Unfortunately, our next generation are least interested (even my own kids) in these and more inclined towards expensive fruits, that may not be suitable for our region.


Let me share some more pictures of what we have got ready in the garden. Here comes the Ripe Banana - almost ready to be harvested in few days. Once we see one of them showing yellowish, we cut it and hang inside home. And then we eat them for few weeks as they ripe over a time of 2-3 weeks. The ones that you get in market are barely usable after 2-3 days. The reason of that is that, now a days, they cut it early and add chemicals to ripen. It has very bad effect on our health, but we can do nothing except not using them.


No chemical papaya - I just got one today and the taste is amazing and different.


Coconuts full in numbers - searching for someone to climb and harvest 😀 - the ones who come are not coming as regular during this covid time.


Curry Banana - we buy them in city with very high price but here we give it to friends 😀 - remains farm fresh in the tree - we grab 2-3 when we need.


Carambola - add green chilly and salt - Tasty and mouth watering


Guava - the small ones but very tasty


Lemon - the tree is coming up with new leaves


Beauty and reachable - we can harvest by hand - these are small trees.


I am here for almost a week but I feel like staying here longer. I came to see my parents, but after seeing these greenery, I am thinking to make a plan to stay here for longer chunks and try to grow some seasonal vegetables. Of late I am realizing the benefit of staying with nature by producing vegetables of a particular season and consume in that season only. And all that without any chemicals. Instead of running behind money and then later paying that to doctors, its worth saving ourselves from pain and sufferings.

I would like to tag @nainaztengra and @steemflow to join in the Garden Journal Challenge July contest. Thank you @riverflows for getting me out of sleep mode 😀

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