Please do this Mudra today. It is full moon 🌕

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Two weeks ago during the new moon I made this post to introduce you to the idea of positioning your hands in a certain way and holding a specific feeling just for one moment, four times a month during the full moon, new moon and quarter moons. The more of us who do this, the more connected we will be in our rise to power over the darkness which spreads like a disease across our realm. More than anything it is a way to release unwanted energies and I felt a great sense of relief & re-connection upon doing it two weeks ago. It moved me to tears in fact, like I could feel the other people doing it. I felt their bravery and I sent them my love & respect. Thank you to all who helped create this wonderful feeling!

Rather than talk too much in this post I am just going to break it down for you in simple terms so that you can follow along.

The Mudra

First create the figure of 8 (infinity symbol) with the thumb and little fingers.


This is what it looks like from the other side.


Then connect up the index and ring finger.


Finally connect the middle fingers above this, forming a trinity.


This is what it looks like in front of us.


I don't think it matters too much if it isn't perfect. As long as the finger tips are touching in this basic formation and the intention is there.

This particular Mudra was downloaded specifically for us to use for this purpose, through a man who has become one of our guiding lights at this time. Please watch this video to hear his explanation.

The Intention

Holding the Mudra take a deep breath and when you release it, feel yourself letting go of all the dark and unwanted energies. When you breathe back in, feel yourself filling up with Light, pushing out any last bits of darkness. Repeat this a few times if it feels good. Life isn't easy for many of us these days, so having this regular release mechanism is more important than ever.

Then focus on all those awake people, your tribe. Feel yourself connecting with them. I like to imagine arcs of light coming out of my body for this purpose and find it to be very effective. Send these souls your love, gratitude & respect. Send them all the good stuff! They are receiving it and returning it to you magnified.

I personally enjoy spending around five minutes on it and if my fingers didn't start to feel a bit weird after this amount of time I would probably do longer, but just a few moments is enough. The Ether will collect your intent and as time goes on this energy will grow and grow like an ocean of love. An ocean we can tap into at any time.

While there is of course a bunch of physical stuff we might feel like we need to be doing at this time I believe in fact this Mudra is our best defence against the dark powers which have most people living in a kind of trance now. The elite know this and they fear this, so if you are not under their spell, please do the Mudra with me four times a month and let us grow stronger together!

As always my friends I want to remind you the Light will prevail and I am so very grateful to have you all in my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Luna & I are sending our Love & Light 🌱


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