Camote tops with Lemon grass and Calamansi


This juice is a refreshing drink and has a lot of nutritional benefits.
It helps regulate blood sugar, helps lower bad cholesterol levels, raises immune function and also there is an ongoing study that links it into helping cure dengue symptoms by raising platelet count.
Addition to that its also an antioxidant concoction

So here's how to make your power boosting , refreshing healthy juice.


Violet or red camote tops
Lemongrass fresh
Calamansi or lemon


1.Clean the leaves of sweet potato tops in a mixture of water thoroughly

  1. Boil the sweet potato tops for at least five minutes. Let it cool.

  2. Separate the leaves from the juice. (You can use the sweet potato tops as salad or appetizer)

  3. Squeeze in lemon or calamansi juice. The number of calamansi is up to you.
    *Fun part when you put citrus on the juice it will turn pink or pale red.

  4. Add honey to taste.

  5. Refrigerate or add ice if you to drink it immediately.

Come to think of it, if we heed to the supposedly insult/jest, “Go home and plant camote,” it will even do us good after all.

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