Sun Drying Moringa leaves for Skin & Hair care | Drying and Preservation process.

Moringa is called a miracle plant. The fruit, leaves, flowers everything is editable and full of nutrition. Also, they are the cure for many uncommon & common diseases.

Fortunately, in our region, we consume moringa during summer regularly. Here in Bangladesh people usually eat fruits and leaves as vegetables. But consuming flowers as a vegetable is also not very uncommon. And as people are getting to know more about the health benefits so they are trying to consume/utilize moringa for other usages too.

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I many local markets, you will get the leaves and the fruits but not the flowers. But who got a plant, can have everything. I brought some leaves a few days ago. As I use Moringa Soothing Gel so thought why don't I use the leaves to make some hair and skincare products at home!

I'm drying the leaves for 5 days. Let me share the process!



Fresh leaves from the market.


Pick the leaves by your hands and place them in a bowl/pot so you can dry them easily. It's easy to pick the leaves, they have very soft bunches. If you intend to eat/consume the leaves then wash them before placing them for drying.


This is day 3. The leaves are still soft but they are drying gradually.

It depends on the sun how much time they need to properly dry. For me, it took almost five days to get nice & crispy leaves.



This is day five. As you can see the leaves changed the color and it is now properly dry, ready to go to the grinder.

You can put the crispy leaves in the container for a year long. Place them in the sun from time to time. Also, you can use a grinder/blender to make leaf powder. Put the powder in a container and they will be good for at least 6 months, I believe more.

My mom said that it doesn't reduce the nutrition/benefits of moringa by sun-drying this way.

Moringa is good for protecting and nourishing skin and hair. Also, it can treat stomach complaints; like diarrhea, stomach ache. You may know that, why this called a miracle tree/cure for every disease. Because its particles can be used for preventing and treating cancer, fighting against bacterial diseases, treating mood disorders, and more.

So try to consume moringa regularly!

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