Growing Green Peas plants for the first time | Potting to Plant growth from Day 1-7 | Homesteading!

I never knew growing green peas plants can be so easy!

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Green peas are one of my favorite winter vegetables. I preserve it and use it throughout the year. And if I talk about the nutritious value then I would love to share with you that, "peas are a good source of vitamins C and E, zinc, and other antioxidants that strengthen your immune system. Also, there are other vitamins like A and B. So, I thought why not add some in my balcony garden; as there already some spouted peas on my kitchen counter.

And I made it happen!

The plants are still very young, they need a good amount of space and sun. I hope I will arrange that. I potted them in a small and in a big pot, let's see what comes out better.

I'm gonna show you how I potted them, soil preparation, and their growth from Day 1-7. So here you go...


The spouted peas and my small clay made pot.


Preparing the soil with some organic compost, which I bought from a nearby plant nursery and I added a little bit of water to moist the soil.


This is the big pot where there is already a local spinach plant and I plant some peas on the other side. The soil of this pot was already ready.

Let's see the growth till now!

Day 1


Day 2

Day 3

Day 5 (Forgot to capture the day 4)

Day 6

Day 7

I'm eagerly waiting to see the growth.

It will only take 2 months and so when it will be ready to harvest. If this project fails, there is also a second plan. We can enjoy the green leaves by adding them to our dish. So I'm very hopeful.

They are growing so fast and bringing more green to my balcony, that's enough for me to feel joyous!

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