Mindful Monday - Of Changes, Choices and Moving in a Positive Direction...

@NaturalMedicine had a new challenge out - funny thing, I had looked at the graphic and headline for the new Natural Medicine Challenge and just went with what came into my head, not reading the text for what the challenge was really about. I had gone in a completely different direction but a good direction! Initially this was to be my entry to After the Virus Challenge - details here but now I'll share with you as my #MindfulMonday post!


AFTER THE VIRUS: What Can YOU Do To Improve Your Chances When The Cage Door Opens?

I took that as

What changes can we make going forward after the Corona virus lock down stuff lifts, making changes for the better!


I was reflecting on all the changes that have been implemented while much has been put on pause and the opportunity that is before us that we can use these changes and shall I say awakenings, to build a better future.

I was remembering too, that we do have the power to exercise our choice muscle!


I began to open myself to the possibilities.


I work in the education sector and I can see this as a great opportunity to revamp the education system. Educators have been very creative in putting together some kind of virtual learning delivery system for everyone was at home. This got me wondering how much time do we really need to spend sitting in classrooms. You have your virtual classrooms or presentation that people can progress through at their own speed and you can be present live or watch them at your convenience. I have felt for a long time there is a lot more diverse ways and for some things better ways to educate yourself or your children than what is presented in the regular classrooms. Yes, there is the socializing that goes along with being with your classmates at school but different formats could be used to socialize like friendship clubs or centers for meeting. I think with less time in school, learning can make available more time for real life learning and learning from different mentors who are active in what ever it is you want to learn about. what do you think?

Health Care

I would like to see the health care system go more to education and preventative care. A lot can be done virtually with doctor visits in person left for more acute cases, emergencies or if you have a known condition. People can take more responsibility for their own care and health. Hopefully through education on how to stay healthy some of these conditions can be eradicate and perhaps take out some of the hypochondriac tendencies.

Money and Finances

We are operating on a debt society with solutions being given to just borrow more to pay for the different programs being proposed. Although this may be a bandage solution for the immediate future it is going to put a tremendous burden on future generation who will be asked to pay down that debt.

What lessons do you learn if you are constantly being bailed out? Does that give you the incentive to make changes, change your habits? Many have become accustom to getting what they want even if they can't really afford it right now, by borrowing money to get it. I'm saying stop! Start to think about what you really value, are your needs being met? Do you really need a fancy car, the newest phone or fancy vacations?

Try more conscious spending and you may be surprised (and perhaps more grateful) at what you have and how far it can go!

Family Units

We have been seeing the breakup of the American families for quite some time which is playing a part in the downfall of our society. Hopefully though this shut down situation has bought the importance of family more to the forefront. I see that it is building these strong family units and for that matter communities that can work together that is better able to overcome adversities and can build resilience, making us less likely to depend on government.
I want to invest in people and community and I love the idea that @eco-alex has been proposing with the ecoVillages which is ever evolving but works towards being more self-sufficient and sustainable. Find out more at www.ecovillage.io or join the community at www.ecovillages.io/communitynetwork

Those are some of the thoughts I had on some positive changes that could come out of the measures taken with the pandemic. It could be a Brave New World!


I will be posting for the *** After the virus*** challenge and in that post will be my response to this:

What can YOU do, with ONLY what you have at hand, to increase your natural health & wellness? What can YOU do, share or recommend to others with limited means, in maybe tough circumstances with little or no income? How can we help-encourage-ensure stronger immune systems to improve our natural resistance to Covid-19?

You can join in that challenge too with a chance to win part of the 100 Hive prize! Find out more here

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