A Little Fun in the Garden...{June 2021}

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If that one doesn't get @dandays laughing, I don't know what will. He's a sucker for an eye-catching cover photo. I think this one certainly qualifies. Though I know @riverflows will get a good giggle, as well. Gardening has plenty of ups and downs, so I think it's important to take the humor where you can get it. Because you never know when the squirrels are going to come over and eat all your tomatoes so that you almost start to cry... 😉

It is obviously time to share the fun of what is growing at this point in the gardening season. A lot of things have started to blossom as we get into the heat of the late spring/early summer here in Atlanta. We still have another few weeks to a month before we really get some good harvests, but there are some items already bearing fruit.

First up is my crazy Zucchino Rampicante in the cover photo. As I mentioned in my last food post, we only just recently looked up what variety of zucchini we planted. Once the plant started vining out versus staying more in a bush form, I went back to check my seed packets to see what we really had growing. This thing is a true monster (in the best way possible), so I am getting excited to pull off the first squash to give them a taste. If they are trellised they will grow straighter, but otherwise will curve almost like a trombone. Which is why they are also called Trombone or Trombocino squash.

Squash Trio.jpg

My patty pan is also looking hearty, though I did just trim back a good bit of the foliage. Like many other fruit-bearing plants, a bit of pruning can help put more energy into growing the actual squash. I also realized we were getting a bit of blossom rot on some of the little squashes, which is also a sign that the plants are too dense for the pollinators to reach the flowers. Hopefully a bit of a haircut will mean more of these tasty morsels.


The cucumbers took a while to take off as usual, however they are getting going now. We planted more lemon cukes like last year and some more traditionally shaped heirloom cucumbers. @dksart decided to try some in containers on the porch so they can just ride up the existing lattice as a trellis. Hopefully the containers are big enough to allow them to flourish. We do have more in the garden beds just in case.

Cucumber Duo.jpg

I just found the first wee little baby on one of the plants in the garden bed, but it looks like the ones on the deck are close to flowering, as well. If we can't get anything else to grow, we can almost always get cucumbers!

We've got tomatoes fruiting, but I'll wait until they really start popping to take more pictures of those. I am quite excited for the watermelon plants to have started flowering. We're letting those vines take over the strawberry bed that is now done producing any fruit. I chose a Georgia heirloom variety (Georgia Rattlesnake) from Baker Creek Seed Company in the hopes that it would do well. Fingers crossed for sweet, juicy watermelons in a few months!


We also have other melons (Golden Jenny) and pumpkins (Jarrahdale) starting to creep along the outskirts of the garden. The pumpkins are a bit further along, but the melons are starting to push out some leaves. There's just too many amazing things to try growing to have enough room in the beds!


I can't finish without sharing another of my plant babies. Teensy beans are so stinking cute! Well, I think everything is cute when it's this tiny, but there is something darling about the beans. It was a rough start getting these up past the seedling stage with the pests, so hopefully we get at least a modest harvest. I also have a few plants going from some of my Christmas Lima Beans from Rancho Gordo. As usual, I couldn't tell you yet which ones these are, but hopefully we'll figure it out soon. Gotta love surprises!


Thanks again to @riverflows for keeping @simplymike's Garden Journal Challenge alive and well. I'm going to go wash off the sweat from my latest pruning endeavors and check out what's growing with my Hive buddies...

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