Accept and it will make everything easy.

I believe, acceptance is a great virtue. Not because it helps us to cope better but because it brings peace of mind more than anything.

All the conflicts in our head, all the jealousy, judgemental thoughts; everything can endure effortlessly with acceptance. Also, it's a great way to change ourselves. If we don't accept our fault, we can never be better than that nor we can win in life. We will always be in a position to misjudge ourselves.


Let me give you an example from my life.

I never accepted that my words hurt others. I have seen some sad faces because of my words. But I used to believe I have said what I need to. I never look back and try to see what consequences I'm creating. I thought that I'm a wise talker. Deep inside, after a conversation, I sometimes felt like I have done something wrong. But never accepted that I was wrong, I was not a wise talker rather/probably have a big mouth. Later on, gradually I got the feeling that I m doing this wrong and I'm not feeling good. So I took the time to reevaluate and try to understand. This helped me to come to a position to accept the truth.

And do you know what it brings?

My mental peace and self-improvement. I would not say, I became a wise talker, there is a lot to improve. But certainly, people say positive about me now.

This is what acceptance brings.


Not only this, sometimes we make it hard to proceed in life. We never accept the truth, like after a breakup, after losing someone. If we accept it in the very first place, we can make the future path smooth for us.

Acceptance is not for anyone but us. We think that if we accept we will be less. But the truth is, acceptance is a change to change, to bring something good, to give ourselves more ways to improve.

Accept and everything will be easy.

What do you think?


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