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Perfect harmony does not only consist of singing songs for the stars that illuminate the dark nights; nor in building the safe ships indispensable for crossing the rough seas, but in using one to guide the navigation of the other. When your vision is simple, the whole universe will be transformed into light. Nothing is by chance. Stay and participate in the symposium. Like the others, you will add value with your presence.



What would it be like to fast on the face of the world?.

Those who hunger for the things of the world grow fat without growing. Day after day, they live life as if they were in a restaurant. They experience all the dishes on the menu, they are satiated only for brief moments, without being nourished by any food, they live life for pleasure.

They live life for pleasure. Are they wrong? Of course they are not. Everyone should live for pleasure. The next question is fundamental to explain the previous one. What is the pleasure you seek? If it is the power to feel the greatest of all, you will be driven to dominate whoever threatens your desires. If it is the vanity of the spectacle of applause, you will manipulate your relationships like a little box of make-up, always with the intention of hiding imperfections and highlighting virtues that do not yet exist.

If it is the laughter of outrageous irony, you will show the vice of despising someone in order to feel good, even if only for a brief moment. If it is that of insisting on discourse to drive the multitudes like waves that destroy everything they pass through, with the illusion of transforming the world before appeasing yourself, you will spread suffering in vain, because you neither know the search nor understand the intended outcome.

If it is only the sensory pleasures of bed and table without the deep feelings and reasons of the soul, you will remain fragile and hungry. If it is the accumulation of assets in the hope of being cautious in the face of life's inevitable contingencies, you will have fear as lord and profit as master. For them, the world will be a place full of disasters and problems; existence will be nothing more than an unpleasant and, in the end, frustrating journey.



Fasting is to renounce vices, the apparent needs without which we believe we cannot live. When we talk about vices, we usually restrict ourselves to those that are most talked about, such as tobacco, alcohol, anxiolytics, among other drugs, licit or otherwise. However, there is much more. There are, for example, the intellectual vices that prevent us from thinking outside the established norms and preconceptions, imperceptible to most people.

We also have the cruel emotional dependencies whose menu has as ingredients pride, vanity, jealousy, profit, among other shades, all indigested by the resentment, envy and irritation they provoke. By removing the ego from the soul we distance ourselves from ourselves; then there will be no Kingdom.

The last part of the aphorism seems to explain and reinforce the above. What would it be to keep the Sabbath as such, at the risk of not seeing the Father. In ancient traditions, while it was recommended that during the week the individual should attend to matters of survival, Saturday was intended for transcendence.

In other words, it was alert to meet the needs of existence without neglecting the indispensable values of life. Away from the soul, the ego is like a disoriented dog that bites its own owner. Ignoring the soul, the ego is saddened by the feeling of abandonment that invades it. Together with the soul, the ego becomes a watchdog that protects us from the evils of the world. Live in the world without ever forgetting to move the sky within. When we achieve this, we feel protected and enlightened.



Have you noticed that many of us are inside ourselves?

Inside the mind of each individual there seems to be a conversation room, as if many people are sometimes dialoguing and sometimes arguing, looking for guidance and solutions. In reality, we are many in one. The ego and the soul are the main interlocutors, but there are other influences. Memories, preconceptions, values, interests, frustrations, dreams, fears, reflections, intuitions, instincts, are some of the components that participate in each decision taken.

It is essential that they all look in the same direction and have unity of purpose. It is necessary to understand the destination in order to establish a route. Otherwise, we will walk without leaving the place. I will see the Father when I am able to meet him in my own face.

A good sign is when I perceive the pleasure that exists in the silent affection of a tight embrace, in the affection of a sincere smile, in the strength of an honest choice, when I listen with patience, exposing my reasons with serenity, allowing myself a different point of view and choosing for love. These are the eternal riches of life, undeserved in time, the proof of theft and which do not need the authorization of the law. Attention and will are enough. Nothing more.

The plenitudes exist to be lived in the world, but they do not belong to you. They are yours, for they are within you. To have them, while delighting in the likes and learning from the dislikes of the world, you will have to find heaven in yourself. We know the tree by the fruits. The result of the work will show its due value. Before this, any analysis is premature.

If we consider only the facts in the trial, we will leave out other important aspects. No matter how well we know someone, we know little about that person and the reasons for his or her suffering. This demonstrates the inconsistency of worldly verdicts. And what is more serious, when judging we include all the factors that still affect us. As the scales are not balanced only by our virtues, as we like to believe, but also by the frustrations and shadows we still nurture, at each trial we become more imprisoned to the world as we consider the typical situations of suffering, dissatisfaction and sadness that torment us, many of which are hidden in dark corners of the unconscious.


Avoid the lust of dense passions and stay away from the temptations of judgments, for as long as you hunger for questions of existence, you will not be able to digest transcendence. To build yourself it is not necessary to destroy anyone. You are the way. Everything else is scenery.




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