Gates Matter

Gates are points of vulnerability in the war against critters. There are several critters in my neck of the woods that like my food every bit as much as I do, and can eat a lot more of it in the blink of an eye than I can eat in a week. So gates matter.


Here's what I had to work with, after the initial phase of construction of my Critter control Contraption. I needed some way to secure my gate that would confound a groundhog, but not break my back.


I've been carrying this solid iron door handle around with me for 30 years. It's about time it came in handy for something. Here is my gate's latch in the open position...


...and here it is locked shut. I am not certain this is enough to keep racoons or bears out, but it's a start.


Some people love to stack and balance rocks. I love to arrange flat rocks into stone patios or paths. As soon as I had the idea that a wide stone path from my garden gate, to my concrete sidewalk, would be just the thing, I started moving rocks.


I still have to level these. It came out beautifully though! High school geometry pays off.


I'm getting into the swing of this garden journaling thing. It's inspiring to have someone to show my garden to. Thanks for being here.

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