Early August Garden Journal - Big House, Tiny Garden Style

It's been quite a tumultuous and eventful month in my tiny vegetable-patch-turned-mostly-tomato patch! I finally have one thing that is producing enough to preserve a bit of, Hungarian Heart tomatoes. These things are HUGE and plentiful! The photo below was taken three weeks ago. I have four of these plants, all getting enough sun, unlike anything else in my veggie patch.


Hungarian Heart Tomatoes coming on strong!


A couple of days ago I managed to harvest a half bucket of tomatoes, which is a bonanza for me!!! I made one large batch of ratatouille with the red tomatoes, and have eaten more tomato sandwiches than I can count with the white tomatoes. I am sick of tomatoes!


largest harvest so far, a half bucket of White Tomesol and Hungarian Heart


Wipe Out!!!

One morning a couple of weeks ago, I found that one of my tomato plants had fallen onto its side during the night. I propped it up, and thought I had taken care of the problem. The next morning most of my tomato plants, including the one I had propped up the day before, were on the ground.


tomatoes down!


If anyone were to ask me what my favorite garden device is, I would have to say these trellises. I've bought ten a year, at 4 bucks each, for the past five years, and finally feel I have enough of them. I use them to stake very tall flowers, and to make walls here and there for climbing plants.


handiest garden device I own, four buck trellises


This year, they rescued my tomato plants.

I had to use two or three per plant to fortify those wimpy three ring tomato supports, which I will never use again. I'm going to have to find something else to support my tomatoes next year.

Here is my garden, the tomatoes back in the upright position, and I could still walk through there.


tomatoes back up


I pulled up my unproductive zucchini plant, and all my finished sweet peas, which left me with a huge space to fill.


big empty space after pulling up the peas and zucchini


I had three tiny Heavy Hitter Okra plants barely hanging on in a spot that was much too shady, so I carefully transplanted one of them to this huge space. It's much happier there, and already has several fruits on it. Hopefully I have learned the lesson of allowing each plant enough space!


Okra loving it where the zucchini used to be


Here is the entrance to my veggie patch today. The pepper is clearly leaning north to try to catch some western rays, since the tomatoes block most of its sun on the south and east sides, and the eggplant in the foreground is giving the pepper plant serious competition for sun on its western side. I do have half a dozen or more peppers, but I worry that, without enough sun, they will never turn red. The plant looks happy, but it has moved into my pathway. I'm thinking of sacrificing a tomato plant so that the peppers are happier, and so that I can get in there without having to be so careful.


Lesya peppers and Rosita eggplant struggling for sun


The Selfie

I have never ever wanted a selfie stick before today.


a gal, her new specs, and her tomatoes


Today's biggest revelation comes from @papa-pepper and this post of his on wild garlic. I have had wild garlic growing all over my yard for years now and didn't know it. I only knew it was an onion of some sort. So today I harvested the last bit of it I could still find, which were two stalks in my veggie patch, and submerged a handful of garlic cloves in honey to ferment for the coming winter's cold season. The bulbils I will distribute at my new home, whenever I figure out where that will be, and manage to get there.


handful of wild garlic and stalk of bulbils

IMG_20210801_144546277 (1).jpg

cleaned garlic - so easy to clean!


wild garlic and honey ala @papa-pepper


My last day in this house is August 31, and I still don't know where I will be going! It's a massive job to pack up a house you have lived and bred in for 21 years. I'm confident I'll find the right next place.

Thank you all for reading about my food producing tribulations and triumphs. I appreciate and love each and every one of you.

This is my entry to @riverflows Garden Journal challenge for August.

Hey @carolkean and @jerrytsuseer, why don't you join in the fun?

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