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You really want to spread kindness and positivity in the life of people around you? Then being nice is one important way to do that. As much as you being nice benefit those around you, it also have a very positive impact to your own mental well-being. There are some certain things you can consider if you really want to become a nicer person to those around you. You could try to be more compassionate towards others and also show some empathy towards them as well.

What does it mean to be "nice" though? To be honest, there are different ways to describe a nice person, nice can not be defined with just one term. So many characteristics sum up to form what makes a person to be nice. Some of these characteristics could include: being fair, having empathy, your generosity, honesty, kindness, helpfulness, how polite you are, thoughtfulness, like the list goes on. These different characteristics if found in someone, they are always tagged as nice people.

Being nice comes with so many positive benefits but most importantly, it helps improve your mental health. Some of the benefits you will get when you actually practice the act of being nice include: having a better mood all the time, it makes you look attractive to others, it also helps to decrease stress and most importantly, it increases kindness in your heart.

How To Become A Nicer Person?

So many persons really want to know how to be nice to people, a lot of persons struggle with this, they find it so difficult to be nice to others. Today, I will be sharing some ways that could help, as much as you will be leaving a lovely smile on someone's face whenever you act nice to them, it will also leave you in a happy state and trust me happiness is good for your mental health. So, here are some ways to make interactions with people everyday feels more nicer.

Practice The Act Of Gratitude

A grateful heart is a happy heart. Take out time each day and reflect on those things you are grateful for. Having a grateful heart comes with so many benefits but the basic and essential once include reducing of stress and also it helps increase happiness in us. When you focus on positive thoughts you begin to have a more positive attitude which in turn will help you to face every difficulty each day brings. Create a gratitude journal if possible, pen down those things you are grateful for each day, is it the people in your life? Write it down. Once you know those things, you will cherish them.

Practice The Act Of Forgiveness

Sometimes it can be really difficult but when you let go of those things that hurt you in the past and forgive those that do you wrong, it will help you move on with a more positive attitude. A forgiving person is a nice person. Learn to be more forgiving. It is very easy to be nice to the people around you if you feel good about them, if you have anger towards someone, it's really difficult to be nice towards them. So, forgive others and most importantly, forgive yourself. Let go of your negative experiences, free yourself from your past so you can move towards positivity. Having a positive mindset is very essential, and you can achieve that when you forgive yourself and others so you can continue to feel good about life and those around you.

Always Look For Ways To Be Helpful

During your daily activities try to look for every little opportunity to render help to someone. It could be giving out a smile to someone, you clearly don't know what so many persons are going through out there, a little smile can change their mood. Or just render assistance to someone, you being helpful to people is really a great way to practice how to be nice. Just be kind throughout your day.

Learn To Be Polite

Being polite to people around you is an important way to set a positive tone while having social conversations. The behaviour of others does not necessarily need to bring your own behaviour down. If others are being rude, you responding in a polite manner is a very good way to change the direction the conversation is going to.

Always Try To Think About Others

Giving respect and also showing empathy are very important trails of someone who is nice. While going about your daily activities, try as much as possible to see things from the angle of others, also try to come up with ways you can actually help their needs. Before you start making things all about you, first put yourself in the shoes of the next man. Learn to always think about others.

Do Things Out Of Pure Kindness

Make kindness a part of your everyday life, do something as a act of kindness without expecting any form of reward. Make it an habit to be kind to people, being kind to people will not only leave a smile on their faces but also make you feel happy. An act of kindness goes a long way in the life of others and also in your own life.


Being nice comes with a lot of benefits, it helps you improve social connectivity, decreases stress and anxiety. Being nice to people should be something we all should improve on, make it an habit to add niceness to your daily activities. Say thank you to someone, give lovely compliments, volunteer to assist someone because you really care. Be nice to everyone so you can also feel good inside.

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