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Overtime, I have held people describe courage as being fearless. But, courage is not just about being fearless, courage is your ability to take action even though you still feel fear inside of you. That willingness to respond without allowing your fears consume you even though those feelings are there, yet you still take actions that could change your life forever, is an act of being courageous.

You being fearless does not necessarily make you a courageous person. Personally, I see that as you shying away from your fears, trying to ignore them by acting all tough. I think one of the many best way to be courageous is for you to understand what's making you afraid in the first place and then go ahead to take action regardless of how scared you are. You doing that, means you refuse to allow your fears consume you. Courage allow us to take chances in life, it help us pursue our dreams and even help us get what we want out of our life.

If you are one of those persons struggling with fear and would love to experience enough courage in your life, in today's post I will be sharing some ways that might help you. I will be sharing some tips on how to live a courageous life, these tips wouldn't stop you from having your fears but it will help you to better manage your fears and take action towards the growth of your life.

How To Live A Courageous Life?

Here are some ways you can practice to help you embrace courage in your life.

Keep A Healthy Perspective About Things

Fear is not a bad thing, that's something I feel we should know. In some ways, I feel fear is healthy, it helps trigger our nervous system and when this happens, immediately our survival instinct also is triggered and suddenly we look for a way to feel safe again. Fear has a strong role to play in our life, if we don't experience those fears, we will never have need to be courageous.

You keeping a healthy perspective about things makes it very easy for you to grow enough inside of you. The problem so many people have is, they keep viewing fear as a bad thing, with a positive or healthy perspective about things, you would be able to see that fear provides us with an opportunity to understand ourselves more, learn more about ourselves, who we are and why we are afraid of the things we are afraid of. Learn to see things from a positive angle if you really want to be courageous in life, something happens, first ask why, even though you are scared, embrace it and start looking for a way to face your fears instead of letting it consume you.

Instead of trying to fight your fears or deny that they actually exist, just recognise what exactly is holding you back and own it. Try to acknowledge your fears, you could write them down, share it with someone with a positive mindset and you know they are willing to support you, doing this inspire you to be courageous even though you still have those fears. Embrace a healthy perspective about things if you really want to build your courage.

Know Your Strength

If you really want to live a life with courage, it's best you first know your strength. Know what you are good at and areas you have been really successful in. If you are able to recognise and develop your strength, you tend to feel more happy and even less depressed, most importantly you start having that resilient spirit in you.

Knowing the things you are good at, have a way of boosting our self confidence. When you have self confidence, you are more likely to build enough courage to take major risks that will change your life. That is, when an opportunity presents itself, because you have enough confidence in yourself, you will be very much ready or willing to take up that opportunity.

We all have shortcomings and it's natural for us to focus on them. But you should understand that, you focusing too much on your shortcomings or weaknesses will only make you less courageous. Instead, focus on those things you are good at and build your confidence and courage.

Learn To Leave Your Comfort Zone

When you are trying to build your courage, it's required of you to push yourself to step outside your comfort zone. You can practice how to become more courageous by first learning how to overcome little fears before you start facing the bigger once. Take a moment to picture courage as a muscle, the more you work out the more you get better results in the kind of muscle you are trying to build. But when you started, you started with the easy work out routines to help make your body flexible before going to the core once. The same thing with you building your courage, you first begin with overcoming the little fears before you start working on the bigger once. You taking small risks first, helps you to become more courageous and in the long run you will be able to take more bigger risks.

Celebrate Every Courageous Moves

Pay attention to the times you acted really courageous and celebrate yourself for being so brave despite your fears. People who celebrate their small wins always end up being very successful at the end of the day. Doing this will free your mind from negative thoughts and it will also build more confidence in you so you can make courageous moves in your life. Always appreciate every bold step you take, every little wins should be appreciated.

It's Okay To Fail

I know what you are thinking, why would he say it's okay to fail? Well, it is one truth everyone don't want to accept but you need to learn to accept failure if you want to be courageous in life. Failure is something we all should embrace, tell yourself all the time that failure is not a bad thing, it's actually a way you get to know you are growing. Sometimes you take risk outside of your comfort zone and it can be quite scary, but once you accept failure you will be able to accept whatever comes and learn from them.

Failure provide us with an opportunity to grow higher. It provides us with an opportunity to learn new things, an opportunity to know what we are designed for or made of. Instead of viewing failure as bad, how about you start learning to welcome the experience so you don't end up disappointed each time you fail. For you to live a courageous life you really have to be ready for anything, good or bad, you just have to be ready.


Anyone can be courageous, you just have to put enough effort and practice a lot if you want to develop your courage. You just need to be able to recognise your fears and act towards them. Identifying your fears and take bold steps to work through them in other to achieve those goals you've set for yourself, doing this will help build your confidence. Remember, your fears are part of your growth, and it's okay to fail. I really hope when you try these things, you will be able to build your courage. I hope you find solace in all you do.

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